YWAM Mazatlan

The 7 Best Things About Living in an International Community

Living in a culturally diverse community is one of the best parts of being in YWAM. After just four years of living in a relatively small city on the western coast of Mexico, I’ve been able to get to know and become friends with people from every inhabited continent on the globe. You want to go to England? I’ve got friends there. Are you feeling called to minister in a closed-country? I know people who can help you out. Want some authentic fish and chips from New Zealand? Got you covered. How about surfing on the coast of South Africa? Let me set you up with my buddy down there. And you know what? I’ve only been to one of the countries that I just mentioned. I met all these people down here in Mazatlan, living in community and seeking God together.

The Best Gap Year I Could Have Taken

I took a gap year when all my friends decided to go to university after high school. Taking that gap year was the best decision I could have ever made.

Why Women Belong In Missions

"If God has called you to China or any other place and you are sure in your own heart, let nothing deter you. Remember, it is God who has called you and it is the same as when He called Moses or Samuel."

- Gladys Aylward, missionary in China, 1902-1970.

What Does it Take to Build Hope?


When people hear about Homes of Hope and everything we do for the families here in Mazatlan, they want to know what they can do, and that's our favorite question! Let us tell you just exactly what you can do, and how you can change and impact a family here in Mexico.

The Transformation Of A Lifetime

Adventure, growth, overcoming fears, stepping outside of your comfort zone, seeing the intimate face of Jesus. These all lead to transformation. Sometimes it means sacrifices, and overcoming hurdles in our lives; perhaps, changing cities or even countries, living together with new cultures, living in community, surrendering comfort and welcoming a wild adventure. These are some of the new experiences that we face when we come to YWAM.

Let There Be Gluten! How God Healed My Body During My DTS

I’ve had celiac disease my whole life but didn’t find out until about 7 years ago, when my body began to shut down. Little did I know I had been eating something that was considered poison to my body for so long and it was negatively affecting my immune system. Long story short, it was very serious. If I ate gluten, even just a bite, I would pass out. My body just couldn't handle it. Going into my DTS this allergy was a huge stressor for me. I was stressed about how I was going to eat on outreach, how I was going to make meals work here on base, and at times, it's exhausting to feel like people have to accommodate you for every meal.

Director's Update with Brent Madsen April 2018

Welcome to the April Director's Update.

This month I want to focus on our "twins" ministry. You may be familiar with one, and chances are you've heard of the other, but did you know they were "twins"?

How The One Thing That Scared Me The Most Changed My Life

Throughout my life, I have had a natural-born desire to engage in things that intrigue me; I am curious to learn new skills, travel to unknown places, and do things that change the world. But as I look back, I tend to step back and become apathetic as soon as I was asked to commit. Right at the moment when my free time and my go-with-the-flow attitude was compromised, I found myself running towards the next new thing.

Director's Update with Brent Madsen March 2018 

Welcome to our March Director’s Update. I look forward to sharing with you the highlights of our Carnaval outreach as well as show you the progress made on our property expansion.

Carnaval 2018: More Stories To Tell

Allison’s Story

“A couple weeks ago during base intercession we were praying for Carnaval and for the people. God kept giving me this name Alex, and he told me that she had pain in her legs, so since then I’ve been praying for her. Last night at one point I looked across the street and saw a lady with a small child. We walked over and I asked her what her name was and she said it was Alejandra, and I got chills because I knew this was the woman who God placed on my heart. So I asked her if she had any pain in her legs and she said, “yes and in my feet too.”