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A Brief Introduction to YWAM

29 January 2021 - Dallas Quantz

Youth With A Mission, or YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”), is a global youth missions movement dedicated to knowing God and making God known.

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Boosting creativity with a change of perspective to dream of how to be a creative influence for the kingdom of God

4 Tweaks to your Lifestyle that will Boost Creativity

Creativity is often credited to artists or even those with the highest IQ. However, while there are..

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Trailblazing Missionaries From History You May Not Have Heard Of

Perhaps you're looking ahead to an upcoming mission trip, or you're only just thinking about..

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How to Continue to Share the Gospel When In Quarantine

For many of us it can feel restraining to be stuck in our homes, bored and running out of things to..

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"I Can't Do It." - The Lie That Could Ruin Everything

"I can't do it." When I was 4, my Dad was with a group of young men training them in rappelling..

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YWAM Outreach - When Freedom Isn't Freedom

In a city of freedom, prostitution is legal, drugs are legal, and almost anything goes. People come..

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Twin Ministries: YWAM Ships & the University of the Nations

The number one question we are asked in regards to YWAM Ships Mazatlan is, "Why do you need ships..

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Sometimes, in YWAM, you are three minutes into your shower when the water goes from steaming hot to..

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"You're the God People, Right?"

Every Thursday, teams from YWAM Mazatlan go out to participate in our weekly local ministries -- or..

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The YWAM DTS Journey: More Than Conquerors

We are more than conquerors. (Romans 8:37) These are some of my favorite words in the entirety of..

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Evangelism is a Lifestyle

REALITY IS that when you go out and preach the gospel in Spirit and Truth, the world will hate you..

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Why Is It Important to Go On Mission Trips?

Have you ever considered going on mission trips but aren't sure if it's worth the time and money?..

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