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Homes of Hope: The 5 Benefits of a Home

20 November 2019 - Jonathan Norton

The vision of Homes of Hope is to bring justice and compassion to Mazatlan’s most impoverished people. In Mexico, many families build their own houses with little to no assistance and no technical skill. They add to their homes whenever they have extra money; as a result, it can takes years to make..

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Homes of Hope Children

Why You Should Bring Your Kids on a Homes of Hope Build

If you are planning on building a home through Homes of Hope with your church, school, business, or..

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Office Work-1

7 Ways to Invite God into Your Workspace

How do we live out our beliefs and love for God even in the everyday, mundane, work week? Whether..

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Evangelism is a Lifestyle

REALITY IS that when you go out and preach the gospel in Spirit and Truth, the world will hate you..

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3 Ways to Jump-Start Your YWAM DTS Fundraising

Are you worried about raising money for your Discipleship Training School? Traveling across the..

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