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6 Online Tools to Pursue Relationship with God in this Season

15 April 2020 - Geertje Caliguire

Some of us are asking: How do we make the most of our time? How can we pursue a relationship with Christ in new ways? As the weeks wear on, you might find yourself lacking the motivation you once had to read and study the Bible, or maybe you would just love some resources to accompany you in this..

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How to Continue to Share the Gospel When In Quarantine

For many of us it can feel restraining to be stuck in our homes, bored and running out of things to..

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How to Do Church From Home: A Lesson From the Early Church

We’re in a time where we’ve been called back to our homes, our neighborhoods, and our families...

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4 Ways to Live in Relationship with God While in Solitude

There’s no doubt about it, solitude can be really tough. Although if we really think about it, most..

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3 Reasons Why Every Church Should Visit Their YWAM Missionaries

At the end of February, a team from our home church, Hope Chapel Maui, came to YWAM Mazatlan to..

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