YWAM Mazatlan

6 Tips to Find Cheap Flights To Get To Your DTS

The search has begun! Mazatlan is on the horizon, and now it's time to make that a reality. We've been doing this missions thing for a long time now, and have a couple nuggets of wisdom for booking the best flights for your adventure.

How a Gap Year Prepared Me For University

I know that I could have simply gone to University straight out of high school. It would have been fine, but I also know that God set apart those 5 months to break down the walls around my heart, invite into a deeper relationship with Him, and to simply show me how much He loves me. Going to do a Discipleship Training School at YWAM readied me for university in many ways, and I am so thankful every day that I made that choice to go.

Your Guide to Getting the Best Backpack for Your DTS

If you’ve never had a backpacking backpack, buying this essential for your Discipleship Training School might stress you out! Let us help you with our tips and tricks for choosing the best backpack for your big adventure!

Why a Backpack Over Luggage?

When coming into your DTS we put a huge emphasis on traveling light, and traveling well. Which means the easier your things are to carry, the more it's going to benefit you. Especially when it comes to outreach. You never know if you’ll be trekking in mountains, taking boats to remote areas, or moving cities every week, so when it comes to lugging around all your things you’ll want the least hassle! We recommend getting a backpack because it’ll be so much easier to transport, use, and contain all your things.

Why Doing a DTS at YWAM Mazatlan is a Total Game-Changer

Every base is different. Different size, location, feel, and atmosphere. When choosing where to do your YWAM DTS, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. Let us give you a look into what YWAM Mazatlan holds and, who knows, it could be the right place for you!

Hands on Involvement and Impact in our City 

Not only will you get to experience ministry on your Outreach Phase, but during your Lecture Phase as well! Every Thursday, our entire base splits up and heads all over the city to different ministries we have pioneered. This involves evangelizing on the streets, praying for hurting people at the hospitals, sharing stories, painting and playing soccer in underdeveloped neighborhoods, and going to rehab centers, speaking love and value into the lives of many girls. There’s even more than just that, but Mazatlan is a city that desperately needs Christ, and we want to go and share the hope we have and find creative and sweet ways to do it. 

5 Ways to Bless the Socks Off Your Supporters

You've had your fundraising events and coffee dates and people have said "yes" to donating and supporting you. Your goal is drawing closer and closer, and for some, you may have reached it! It seems like the end, but really, it's just the beginning; the beginning of having a group of family and friends, that are now involved in your life, and have jumped on board with you for the journey. How exciting! But now, we've got to learn how to steward their support well, and continue to build relationship with them past the initial support, because you've invited them into partnership, and partnership is ongoing relationship. So here's some of our tips for loving them well, and thanking them for getting you to where God has called you to be!

The Key to Living a Fear-Free Life

Have you ever craved more? Hungered for more from the “day- to- day,” longed for more of the Truth? To experience the power of God’s light in the dark? His truth in the lost? 

Living a life of abundance is frequently sought after, but for some it is often missed. In our searching, we can find fear holding us back. How am I going to afford this? What will my friends think? What if I am not hearing God correctly? Fear can be paralyzing, but for some, it can be comfortable. So how do we let go of this fear controlling us, and instead let God? It simply starts with surrender & vulnerability. To come as we are, to admit the reality of our situations, our hardships. To get down to the core and be open before the Lord. I guess what I am trying to say is, the key to fullness is through surrender.

The 5 Don'ts of Fundraising

We've seen good fundraising... and not so good. Here are some tips we've learned along the way, to help you rock your fundraising journey to DTS!


The Power of Art

I was part of the first Art Evangelists School (AES) In Mazatlan, and I had no idea how much it would impact and change me. I didn’t know the call He would put on my life as I joined this secondary school. 

As it started, we began to work in a neighborhood called Montebello. It was an area YWAM has worked in for a few years, and we were well acquainted with those who lived there. One of the topics within the school was Urban Art, and we got to put it into practice as we went into this neighborhood and were assigned to paint a mural over a huge wall that was once covered with graffiti. During the process, we invited neighbors to come paint with us, and we were even invited to paint murals in their homes as well. This experience sparked something in me, and shortly afterwards, we began to teach art classes with these local kids. In those moments I knew I wanted everyone to receive the opportunity to paint and create, something these kids had never experienced before. 

Empowering India in Social Justice

Do Justice is an organization birthed out of a passion to implement biblical perspective and God's grace within the justice system  of a society. We hold seminars focusing on advocacy and social changes with churches and communities. We work among the vulnerable and voiceless people, and continue in the research about social problems fueling injustice, with the purpose of establishing a project and a legislative solution. It's purpose is to connect together the government and the civil society in order to end the injustices facing such a community. 

The Children We Met

The moment of interlocking of eyes with a child is unlike any other. It brings us into tenderness and simplicity as we giggle and enter into precious companionship. We seek, and give all we can to love a child, because our God first loved us. We go to the ends of the earth, simply to share the love God has for His children, because God had first invited us into the greatest story we could ever be part of. A story that breaks through all language barriers, economic standings, and difficulties we face. From cities, jungles, and mountaintops God has called us to go and love like He's loved us. But in return, we've experienced the depths of God's love through these children.