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A Global Community — Growing Your Heart For The Nations From Home

24 April 2020 - Darrelle Ryan

Right now we as missionaries are presented with the incredible opportunity to spread the good news from our very own doorstep. The intimacy of God is being revealed to us today, and we’re being invited to trust in the Lord as He grows not only our heart for other nations, but also the ones we find..

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How to Continue to Share the Gospel When In Quarantine

For many of us it can feel restraining to be stuck in our homes, bored and running out of things to..

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How to Do Church From Home: A Lesson From the Early Church

We’re in a time where we’ve been called back to our homes, our neighborhoods, and our families...

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4 Ways to Live in Relationship with God While in Solitude

There’s no doubt about it, solitude can be really tough. Although if we really think about it, most..

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How to Become a Missionary: Know What's Going on in the World

Maybe you’re that person who doesn’t like reading the news because it's too disheartening. You want..

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Steps to Incorporating Prayer Into Your Everyday Life

Let's admit it, we could all use more prayer in our lives. But what does that practically look..

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YWAM Bible Distribution: Loren Cunningham

If you've ever done a DTS or been involved with YWAM, you've probably heard the name of our..

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