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A green leaf growing out of a cup of coins on a desk as inspiration to raise money for missionary work

7 Things All Missionaries Should Know How to Do (Finance Edition)

19 November 2020 - YWAM Mazatlan

One of the most common things that missionaries can struggle with is finances. Yet God calls us to put our hope and faith in him and to not worry about tomorrow! Here’s an overview of 7 practical things all missionaries should know how to do in the area of finances.

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YWAM missionary standing in front of an airplane on the tarmac

12 Things All Missionaries Should Know How to Do (Travel Edition)

There are a lot of different things that missionaries end up doing as they follow God’s calling to..

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YWAM missionary preparing to fundraise and communicate with supporters

9 Things All Missionaries Should Know How to Do (Communication Edition)

No matter who you are, you can benefit from learning how to become a good communicator. There are..

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YWAM outreach team walking through a village while on outreach in Nepal

21 Things All Missionaries Should Know How to Do (Outreach Edition)

We know that choosing to become a missionary is a big decision. It means leaving behind the..

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What Does it Take to Build Hope?

When people hear about Homes of Hope and how building a house can give a family the tools they need..

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Viewing a city from the window of a plane

8 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Mazatlan

How to find the cheapest flight Your YWAM training is on the horizon, and now it's time to book..

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The Missionary Response to Injustice

It can be challenging to know how to respond to the broken world we live in. Your mind is full of..

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24 nations praying together for Mexico [Video]

This morning YWAM Mazatlan staff and students representing 24 countries prayed for our beautiful..

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Three Things You'll Learn From Doing The Bible School For The Nations

1. TO KNOW GOD: When we have a love relationship, we seek to know that person, her/his history,..

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How My Life Got Wrecked By One Week Of YWAM DTS

This week has completely wrecked me... in such a good way.I couldn’t be happier because Jesus has..

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Carnaval Outreach Kicks Off Giving 3,600 Bibles In Two Days

As YWAM international we have set ourselves the goal to end bible poverty; getting a Bible in every..

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The Best Way to Start Off Your Week (Worship in B/W)

What a privilege it is to be able to start off our week in worship!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Support a Missionary

How can you be a person of impact from your home? Supporting and partnering with a missionary is..

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YWAM BSN TESTIMONY - Take Your Bible Off The Shelf


Attending the BSN (Bible School for the Nations) was a desire I had during my DTS (Discipleship..

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YWAM Outreach - When Freedom Isn't Freedom

In a city of freedom, prostitution is legal, drugs are legal, and almost anything goes. People come..

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