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Director's Update with Brent Madsen April 2018

Welcome to the April Director's Update.

This month I want to focus on our "twins" ministry. You may be familiar with one, and chances are you've heard of the other, but did you know they were "twins"?

24 nations praying together for Mexico [Video]

This morning YWAM Mazatlan staff and students representing 24 countries prayed for our beautiful nation of Mexico. We drew out a giant map of Mexico, got on our knees and prayed over all 32 states: prophesying that out of these places missionaries will be sent to every country on earth. 

Three Things You'll Learn From Doing The Bible School For The Nations


When we have a love relationship, we seek to know that person, her/his history, aspirations for the future, what likes and dislikes they may have, all for the purpose of honoring and nourishing that relationship. In the same way, God chose to make Himself known through His Word, the Bible.

Adding Structure to the Vision - Two New Floors for YWAM Mazatlan [Photos & Video]

As most of you know, we have started the beautiful task of expanding our building. God has been exponentially growing our number of students and staff on the base over the past months, and in order to accommodate the growth and be able to mobilize more people into missions here in Mazatlan, we've started expanding our building!

How My Life Got Wrecked By One Week Of YWAM DTS

This week has completely wrecked me... in such a good way.I couldn’t be happier because Jesus has become real to me… so real... Like, no flippin' way! We serve a God who loves to be personal. He desires to be so personal with us!

Carnaval Outreach Kicks Off Giving 3,600 Bibles In Two Days

As YWAM international we have set ourselves the goal to end bible poverty; getting a Bible in every home on the planet. We as YWAM Mazatlan have started distributing to all of the homes of our city. As base, including other volunteers from our current Carnaval Outreach, we distributed 3,656 bibles in just 2 days! This brings our grand total to 22,214 Bibles given to homes and families here in Mazatlan

The Best Way to Start Off Your Week (Worship in B/W)

What a privilege it is to be able to start off our week in worship!

3 Reasons Why You Should Support a Missionary

How can you be a person of impact from your home? Supporting and partnering with a missionary is the perfect way. There’s always a need for missionaries around the world. But why should you invest your time and resources to support a missionary?

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YWAM BSN TESTIMONY - Take Your Bible Off The Shelf

Attending the BSN (Bible School for the Nations) was a desire I had during my DTS (Discipleship Training School), after growing more in my relationship with God I wanted more knowledge of His Word to be able to share with others. I had never read the bible in it’s entirety, and was a Christian for over thirty years. My bible sat on the bookshelf, and was rarely opened. I attended bible studies, but only focused on the scriptures that were referenced by the author, and even memorized a few. The bible never seemed relevant to me, and I only opened it when I was seeking answers.

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5 Reasons To Stop Waiting And Apply For Your YWAM DTS... TODAY!

C'mon now, let's all admit it... How many times have we put really GOOD things on hold due to hesitations and fears and the million "what if's" that take over our thoughts, minds and emotions? It's time to put it all aside once and for all and finally take that step God has been challenging you to take for the past few weeks, months or possibly even years.