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YWAM Outreach - When Freedom isn't Freedom

May 24, 2016 4:00:45 PM


In a city of freedom, prostition is legal, drugs are legal, and people come from all over the globe to live in a place with so much openness. What they don’t realize is that though the laws may allow them to be “free” , it’s a false freedom... a trap to fall deep into the unrelenting hands of an addictive lifestyle. Our team spent 11 days on the streets of Amsterdam talking to locals and tourists alike, gaining insight into a city where it’s all about what you want, and always being able to get immediate satisfaction. I’ve never really had a heart for Europe, figuring I’d get there eventually but was in no hurry to get there soon. I fell in love with this city instantly. Walking between Amsterdam's vintage buildings, cobblestone streets, and the winding canals lined by bikes while hearing five different languages spoken all around; I grew a heart for the city of Amsterdam and in what felt like no time at all. 


My eyes have been opened.

As a YWAM outreach team we've been linked up with an evangelism ministry in the city. Evangelism is definitely a new area of ministry for me. I’ve always lived in a way where I don’t try to push my faith or my beliefs on anybody, however, through my YWAM DTS  I’ve had my eyes opened to the importance of speaking about my beliefs to people I meet; even complete strangers. I’ve grown so much in what I believe and my heart (and life!) has been radically changed through growing in my relationship with God. When you have something so amazing in your life, when you have real happiness and real love; how could you not want to share that with everyone you meet? ...Especially in a world so broken and love starved as ours. 


Stepping Out In Boldness

Coming to Europe I had the idea that people would be very closed off and uninviting but time after time they were so open. They would share their views and tell us about their lives. I learned to step out in boldness. We all have fear of man to some degree and that had always kept me from sharing the gospel with people; afraid of what they might think of me. However, over these two weeks I’ve been able to take strides in the direction of living for God and not for people. 

Many people I spoke with were so thankful they had talked with me and really wanted to persue a relationship with God but just had never known how. Many people were atheists just because they hadn’t known about God, not because they thought it was all a lie, but just simply because nobody had ever talked to them about it before. The fact that I was able to speak truth into people’s lives and be that person to get them thinking was so amazing. Whether or not they pursue a relationship with God isn’t my burden, however, the fact that I’ve gotten them thinking about it gives me a sense of peace knowing I did all I could to spread the most amazing part of my life, knowing my creator. 


I Layed Hands On The Broken To See Them Walk Again. I received words from the Lord about people way too specific for me to have known. I prayed over countless atheists who decided to seek out the truth for themselves. However, through all of this I grew so much. I grew in my boldness, I grew in my ability to differentiate between my thoughts and God’s. But above all I grew in my belief. Through speaking all day and entering many areas of debate about pressing questions my beliefs were solidified. When you’re fighting for something you believe you realize how much passion you have and how important that fight is for you.


I don’t know many things worth believing in, that give you peace and fire at the same time, but I’m glad I’ve found it.

And that's Jesus.



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