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View of Mazatlan from the lighthouse at sunrise

13 Reasons to Do Your DTS in Mazatlan, Mexico

23 June 2020 - Jordan Norris

We know how it goes. You've heard about YWAM, prayed, and decided to do a DTS, and now you're just looking for that perfect place to begin your journey of knowing God and making God known. Where should you go? Here are 13 reasons why we think you should do your DTS with at YWAM Mazatlan!

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Beware, a YWAM DTS Could Ruin Your Life


"Ruined for the ordinary." I'll never forget those 4 words, because it was the best way I was able..

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5 Best Places Within Walking Distance of the YWAM Base

When you come to YWAM Mazatlan, you won't want to stay on the base 100% of the time! Whether you're..

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YWAM Mazatlan's Top 3 Favourite Taquerías

Mazatlan, Mexico has its perks and its downsides. 38°C (100°F) with 100% humidity in the summertime..

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15 MORE Reasons you should do your YWAM DTS in Mazatlan [Photoblog]

Sure it may not be an original blog, but just in case the first 15 reasons weren't enough, here's..

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Why You Should Come to YWAM Mazatlan: Surf Edition

YWAM Mazatlan has something for everyone, but if you surf, there's a whole new list of reasons why..

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How to Become a Missionary Through a Cup of Coffee [VIDEO]

Perhaps we over-complicate how to become a missionary, how to be like Jesus, or how to share the..

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So what is a YWAM DTS anyway?

Picture = 1000 Words Maybe you've heard a lot about a YWAM DTS, maybe not, but if a picture is..

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3 Ways to Jump-Start Your YWAM DTS Fundraising

Are you worried about raising money for your Discipleship Training School? Traveling across the..

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