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Why You Should Come to YWAM Mazatlan: Surf Edition

Jordan Norris March 4, 2015



YWAM Mazatlan has something for everyone, but if you surf, there's a whole new list of reasons why you should come.


We'll start with a photo of the street you'll be living on. This beach is called Los Pinos:

Here's a better shot of Los Pinos:
The wave is versatile, handling from 2ft to double over head. You can enjoy this wave on any board and even find the occasional tube.
The coast is open to bombing south swells from spring to fall, and 2 - 3ft long boarding waves in the winter.
Crowds come and go. Some days you'll catch it head high with only one guy out, but other days it'll be half the size and 30 guys out.
No matter the size of the crowds, the people here in Mazatlan are friendly and more relaxed then anywhere else I've surfed.
Up and down the coast you'll find an array of points, beach breaks, and pounding shore break.
We'll leave this spot unnamed and take you when you come:



So what are you waiting for? Bring your Go-Pro and come enjoy some of the best waves and riding conditions in Mexico!



Do a DTS in Mazatlan

15 reasons why you should do your YWAM DTS in Mazatlan

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