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Does God Really Want Me to Go to YWAM?

28 April 2017 - Geertje Caliguire

You just inquired about DTS, sent in your application, or maybe even bought a one-way flight to do YWAM in Mexico. No matter where you’re at in your journey, at some point, fear will try to set in. “What did I just do?” you might ask yourself. “This is crazy!”

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3 Obstacles you´ll face before coming and doing your DTS

When you decide to take a leap of faith and follow God, we are sure you´ll face obstacles . Based..

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Dear YWAM Mazatlan

Dear YWAM Mazatlan, I have a lot to say to you... a lot to express. It’s hard to even begin to..

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Sometimes, in YWAM, you are three minutes into your shower when the water goes from steaming hot to..

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Why You Should Come to YWAM Mazatlan: Surf Edition

YWAM Mazatlan has something for everyone, but if you surf, there's a whole new list of reasons why..

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Bible School for the Nations: Genesis

The Bible School for the Nations is a 6-month course designed for those that are interested in..

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Evangelism is a Lifestyle

REALITY IS that when you go out and preach the gospel in Spirit and Truth, the world will hate you..

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Why Is It Important to Go On Mission Trips?

Have you ever considered going on mission trips but aren't sure if it's worth the time and money?..

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