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3 Obstacles you´ll face before coming and doing your DTS

Luis Quero November 24, 2016
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3 obstaculos copy.jpgWhen you decide to take a leap of faith and follow God, we are sure you´ll face obstacles . Based on the stories of the many people that come and do their discipleship training school, here are 3 of the most common obstacles:

The Negative people

¨You won´t make it.. Open your eyes to the real world, there´s no money.. They´re gonna brainwash you.. You won´t survive, you don´t know anybody.. ¨ You may not see this but those voices that are usually hidden behind a loved one, they become your personal trainer. It’s very likely that they have the best intentions, they´re afraid of all the things that could go wrong, afraid of failure, afraid that your future will be out of their area of influence.

But Moses, Why are you going back to Egypt? Your family and home are here now, if you go you could lose your life. But Abraham, You don´t even know where you´re going? We are rich here, but What will we live from if we follow God? Are you sure this is God´s plan and not your own? But Jesus, Why will you suffer? Have mercy on yourself, people won´t change, they won´t believe in you.

Maybe you´re the first one in your family that want to do something different, maybe even the first one in your church that wants to go out and be trained in missions. Today we want to encourage you to discover the negative voices in your life so that you can quiet them, and open your eyes to see with faith that which you can not yet see in the physical. If God called you, if He put the desire in you, then you don´t have an excuse not to do it.

The Pretexts

This may be the hardest one to overcome, because when it comes to pretexts, they battle is within ourselves.Depending on the season you´re in, these could be pretexts you´ll have:¨Im too young, I´ll be a missionary once Im more stable.. Im a professional, I can´t leave my career.. Im married, I can´t pay this for both of us.. Im a mom, I´ll wait for my kids to grow up to do it.. I don´t have money, i´ll wait until I have it all even if it takes years to do it.. My family doesn´t support me¨

And the list could go on and on, but we just want you to know that despite of all that, you can do it, you can be trained in missions while you´re married, while you have a family, while you have a career, while you´re young and even when you´re lacking finances. We believe in your calling, take the first step.

The critics:

It doesn´t really matter what you do in life, there will always be someone wanting to critize you.

¨Why do you have to go all the way to Mexico? We have people in need here too.. Why now? Wait until you´re more prepared.. Is it only a half a year course? There´s not much you can learn in so little time.. ¨

Everyone of us here at YWAM Mazatlán have had to face at least one of this obstacles, so we confidently encourage you to cling to what God has told you, to take that leap of faith, and leave the impossible in His hands. Look at those people (the negatives, critics, and pretexts) as friends and family to whom you can minister, not with your words, but your actions, with the steps of faith you´re going to take. God also want to increase their faith, and maybe you´re the instrument He´s going to use. Finally we encourage you, if you´re struggling with any of these, to write us so we can personally encourage you, we believe in your calling and you don´t have to walk alone, ¡We want to walk with you!

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