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Bible School for the Nations: Genesis

Nov 27, 2014 12:18:00 PM

The Bible School for the Nations is a 6 month course designed for those that are interested in deepening their understanding of the the Bible. You will learn how to disciple the nations effectivelydevelop tools for a life of studying the Bible, and how to apply and use the Bible in every area of life and society. 

Maybe after reading that your thinking to yourself, "That sounds good but, what are the classes really like?" or "I have read the Bible before, What more am I going to learn in a 6 month school?" Well here is just a little taste of what you will receive if you decide that The Bible School for the Nations is right for you. 



The name comes from the Greek Word gignesthai which means ‘to be born or produced’. The Hebrew title of the book is ‘bereshit’ which means “in the beginning”, the first word of the book.

Written by Moses most likely between 1446 BC and 1406 BC, before Moses died.

Purpose is to narrate the beginnings of all things, of the nations, and of God’s people, Israel. This book covers more time then any other book in the Bible.

The style is primarily a narrative written in Hebrew.

A book of creation and beginnings

In Genesis we can see our design and purpose is to reflect God as human beings. Being created in His image and likeness we have a mind with the ability to reason, think, dream, focus, remember, imagine and much more. We also have emotions giving us the ability to enjoy and experience life, a magical gift from God. God has also given us a will, demonstrating our ability to execute decisions independent of what we feel in our emotions, guided by reason and Truth in the Spirit, to create with God and execute a life with purpose. We were created to live by choice, based on reason with a beautiful ability to enjoy everything.

Our Purpose 

Our purpose is to reflect God’s character in faithfulness, mercy, justice, righteousness, love, and holiness, as well as to fill the earth, pro-create, and rule by being stewards and improving what God has entrusted to us. When two become one; being different in functions, but same value, man and woman, in marriage is a reflection of ELOHEEM, God the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Sin is a great distortion of our original design. From the fall we see a massive change in relationship between man and God, man and man, and man and creation. God still blesses man in Genesis 2, 3, 9:8-17; 15:9-21; and Genesis 17. We are blessed to bless the nations. God’s heart in Genesis is to create a Nation that will reflect Him to bless the Nations. Genesis 19:5 “if you obey me fully and keep my covenant.” We were created with an ability to choose what is right, according to truth, and this always brings blessing.

We see how God’s heart is broken over sin; Genesis 6:6 “and God was sorry He created man, and He repented for having created him”. God didn’t desire for evil or create it, but man is free and with freedom there is power for life and death. Man knew what was right and wrong but had never experienced it. The lie from Satan and the world has been, “you must experience it yourself to KNOW and it is foolish to trust God.” As stewards of creation, we choose! We look at God’s intimate relationship with Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph and how He is patient and willing to disciple and develop character. Despite living in a fallen world, men can seek God and live for Him, transforming the nations. This is the book of Beginnings, design and purpose for man and nations, and a huge insight into who is God.

This is just a portion of the understanding that you will receive during The Bible School for the Nations. The BSN uses a chronological methodology to study Scripture in order to see the hand of God and His eternal purposes in history. Are you ready to dive deep into the Word of God? Apply Now!  

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