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The Transformation Of A Lifetime

Alessandra Bacio May 22, 2018
Before and After Main.png


Before and After Main.png

Adventure, growth, overcoming fears, stepping outside of your comfort zone, seeing the intimate face of Jesus. These all lead to transformation. Sometimes it means sacrifices, and overcoming hurdles in our lives; perhaps, changing cities or even countries, living together with new cultures, living in community, surrendering comfort and welcoming a wild adventure. These are some of the new experiences that we face when we come to YWAM.

After 5 months, YWAM Mazatlan said farewell to 27 legends from Australia, New Zealand, United States, Brazil, Switzerland, Venezuela, Colombia, England, Germany, Canada, and Mexico, all with a transformed heart.


This is the “Before and After” of some of our April DTS 2017 students:

1. Jeremias.png

 2. Maye.png







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