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They love to give even though they have so little - YWAM BSN Outreach

YWAM Mazatlan February 19, 2016




Our YWAM BSN Outreach team arrived to Capácuaro Michoacán, after a week in Morelia, Capácuaro is a Purepecha town, one of the many indigenous groups in México.

We are teaching BELT (Bible Education and Leadership Training) to pastors and church lleaders. We are also visiting different families to encourage them and pray for them. We are here for one more week. More churches from the region are interested in having us with them.

They are really beautiful people. They love to give even though they have so little.



It is so interesting that in between Purepecha villages the language (purepecha) changes a lot and they don't speak Spanish. They struggle to speak basic Spanish because it is not they're first language and they don't use Spanish inside the community. I knew that México was big and diverse coming from Mexico, but this is the first time I'm living inside one of these communities and fully experiencing the culture and diversity.

- Eder from Mexico City.


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