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10 Truths I Learned When I Joined Missions - A Photo Blog

Geertje Caliguire December 7, 2017
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My time in missions has been anything but ordinary! It has been filled with transformation, community, and the truth of God. I have been in my Discipleship Training School for 3 months and it has been filled with incredible experiences led by the hand of God. These photos are a showcase of the truths I've picked up along the way. As a photographer, I desire to share, impact, and provide an in-depth look at what a life in missions looks like with YWAM Mazatlan.  They represent a remarkable journey of faith in missions, in Knowing God, and Making God Known. They represent how God challenges, loves, and transforms. 

1. I'm Living Life on the Edge... with Jesus

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There will be times when God will call everything of you, times where you don't always understand what's going on. He will call you to live on the edge, fully trusting Him. And in times of confusion, I've learned to depend on God. I've learned to give God every worry and every stress. In return, He gives me His truth, His patience and His peace. Living on the edge, putting all my fears and worries in His hands, has given me the most incredible freedom I've ever had. I've entrusted everything I have into the hands of the Creator; and in His love, I found freedom. 

2. Family As It Should Be

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Surround yourself with people that love well, and challenge you to seek Christ in everything. Seeing families & couples who have God as their foundation of life is so important to have as examples. You hear their testimonies and you see daily how God moves in their lives. It’s super encouraging to see, and inspires how I want to live and grow with my family one day.

3. Your Heart Will Explode

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Whether it’s from receiving the heart of Jesus, realizing and learning how much God loves you, or becoming super close with the people in your DTS - your heart will always be filled with love, challenges, conviction, change, and so much more! The list is endless, but the journey is truly incredible. I've learned to love deeper and more intentionally, not just to the point of loving more, but because He has called me to be like him. God seeks me with passion, and I desire to respond with passion!

4. Sacrifices are Plenty & Necessary

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God will challenge you in so many areas. Emotional baggage, personal belongings, comfortability -the Lord is going to ask you to sacrifice things. He deserves to be #1 in our lives, and will challenge us to let go. He has asked us to sacrifice everything, but asks only because He wants to free and renew us. We have to trust that He knows best. I know it sounds hard, but coming from experience, in hardships and surrender is where I've truly grown and found renewal of heart and mind. I've found my value in Him, and Him alone, not in my things nor my location. Just Him. 

5. I’m Never Alone

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I am surrounded by amazing community! So many nations, languages, ethnicities, personalities, and character. My roommates are from all over the world. Dinner table conversations bounce back and forth between languages, and I'm surrounded by different cultures. I've become more affectionate, and I've learned to share what I have. I've learned to love more than I thought I could, because God's love is so radiant through those who I live with, eat with, and go through life with. 

6. Anything Can Speak

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God speaks in everything & anything. This is the most important thing I have learned. In nature, visions, dreams, the bible, people... there is no limit for how God communicates with you! All we have to do is be willing to receive what He has to say, and seek Him in everything.

7. Restoring Passion


What are you passionate about? Do you think you're already living it out as full as it can be? You may think you live a full life like I thought I did, but I promise that when you encounter a real relationship with Christ, He sparks a fire in you. The more you love and obey Him, the brighter it will burn. So bright, that when people interact with you, they will see something different and feel drawn to have the same passion.  

8. You Will be Sandy, Always


Even when you think you have gotten rid of all the sand, more will show up! We are learning more about Jesus and more about God's grace everyday, and it doesn’t mean our lives are perfect. It’s a constant effort! That implies that we need to pursue God everyday, and He washes off all the sand, and continues to restore our hearts. 

9. You Will be Adopted


Being part of missions means being part of something bigger than you can imagine. You will get to know others better than you may know your own siblings and you will come to respect, care, and admire those around you because of how God has worked in your lives. A family is created, one that goes through hardships and challenges together. One that seeks freedom together as well. You're invited into a community of transformational love and compassion for one another. 

10. You Will Get Washed Clean


You will feel washed clean by the freedom and sanctification brought by Jesus. God's love will swallow you up and consume you. It is so deep, and so full, that looking back, you will barely recognize the person you once were when you first stepped foot in your DTS. You will realize that when you finally made the jump, it was all worth it, because you have been redeemed and restored in Jesus Christ.

I hope this encourages you, and prepares you for all the Lord wants to do with your life! 

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