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How to Continue to Share the Gospel When In Quarantine

Geertje Caliguire April 2, 2020


For many of us it can feel restraining to be stuck in our homes, bored and running out of things to accomplish. But what if you could continue to impact the lives of others while being where you are right now? Every location, including your home, is a mission field. We’re called to share the gospel and to encourage and strengthen other believers. Here we give you some practical ways to persevere in sharing the Good News with those around us whether near or far. Don’t let the walls around you limit how you can communicate with others. We’re in a time where we have such accessible technology--what if we used it for the glory of the Kingdom?

Let video calling become your new best friend

Call old friends, and new ones too! Simply pray for othersand share with them anything you feel God might be saying to you. Encourage others in their walk of faith, and instill hope in those who need it the most in this time. Share stories, give advice, and just listen to others. Ask to pray for them, even if they aren’t Christian. If they say no, just pray for them on your own! Have Bible studies via video, and check on one another daily. The list goes on and on, so invite the Holy Spirit to give you ideas and ways to connect with people all around the world.

YWAM Mazatlan How to Continue to Share the Gospel When In Quarantine

Use social media to your advantage

People are scrolling now more than ever, and there are so many out there who are seeking hope in the midst of this global crisis. Start sharing the revelations and encouragements you’ve been receiving from God with the social media world. Write blogs, post photos with captions, go live on IGTV, and upload videos to YouTube. These are just a handful of ways you can engage with people and share the gospel! We’re all story-tellers to some degree, so why not share the Good News where people are fixing most of their attention? Your message or post could ignite something in someone to know more of God.

YWAM Mazatlan How to Continue to Share the Gospel When In Quarantine

Share with your family/friends/roommates you’re living with during this time

What if your greatest mission field was your own family and local community? Maybe this is the time that God wants to bring revelation and revival through our neighborhoods, our parents, and those closest to us. Take opportunities to pray for them, and with them if possible. Personal testimonies leave the biggest impact. Encourage others with your own revelations you’re beginning to see, and share how God is impacting your life through this time.

YWAM Mazatlan How to Continue to Share the Gospel When In Quarantine

What does sharing the gospel look like to you? Let the Holy Spirit guide you in some incredible ways this season. Let your life shine with the love of Christ and endeavor to love others deeper. Get creative, and seek to share the Good News in a way that serves others in a profound way. We believe in you, and believe God is going to move through you in some beautiful ways. Quarantine can't stop that!

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