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YWAM Bible Distribution: Loren Cunningham

Jonathan Norton June 5, 2015


If you've ever done a DTS or been involved with YWAM, you've probably heard the name of our founder, Loren Cunningham. 

Recently at the Mexico/Central American, "Catch the Wave" conference, we had the chance to interview Mr. Cunningham about his passion for worldwide Bible distribution. 

Also during the conference, we had the chance to go into one of the communities of Mazatlan, Mexico and begin to live out Loren's vision of placing Bible a in every home in the world. 

In the video below, you will hear Mr. Cunningham strategize on how to share the Word of God with every person -- whether the Bible has been translated into their language yet or they are still waiting. He will challenge you to sign a commitment to end Bible poverty, and you will see footage from our day of Bible distribution. Let's join together and see the Word of God in every household in the world!



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