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Steps to Incorporating Prayer Into Your Everyday Life

August 28, 2019

Let's admit it, we could all use more prayer in our lives. But what does that practically look like? We hope these couple tips below spark a fire within you to pray more and more, and to dive into the most intimate of conversations with the Creator of the universe. 

1. Keep a Prayer Journal

Some of the most beautiful moments I’ve had with God is laying on my floor, talking back and forth in letters we are writing to one another. What do I do? I write out exactly how I'm feeling, and questions that I have. Then I'm still, and in the silence give room for Him to speak. His words flood over me, and then into my journal.

It’s a great practical way to talk with God, and pour out everything I want to say to Him in writing. My prayer journal helps me to track all the conversations I have, so that when I look back, I can see all the things that He has spoken to me, that have come to pass, or have new meaning to me in a later season.

I have a couple of different journals; one for bible study/regular notes, and one specifically for my prayers. I write out my prayers for others, for myself, for things I see in the world that I wish to change. I keep it all in one place, as a constant reminder to keep praying, and to watch what God does with my prayers of the past.


2. "Could I actually pray for you, right now?"

How many times have you said, “I’ll be praying for you!”, with intentions to keep that person at the forefront of your mind. How often do you remember to set aside time for them? Here's an exercise I want to challenge you with:

Pray with that person in the moment, right where you are. When someone is having a bad day or is sick, why not ask if you can pray for them? Invite God into their situation. What could that look like?

Prayer has the power to heal sicknesses, transform things internally and externally. And if nothing else, it lets that person know that you want to take care of them, and show them God's love! I promise; things change in just a moment, and it's an action that communicates extreme love. And who knows what God may do, in the moment when we invite Him to move?


3. Let God Meet You in the Mundane

Take advantage of your times alone! Scientists say that the average person today spends 1000 hours per year in their daily mode of transportation.

We do things that help us pass the time, and there are many drives where I get out of the car, and can't recall a single thing I thought about or what I did. It's blurry, sometimes meaningless time.

Why not take that time to really spend it with God? Put on some music, and let Him completely rejuvenate you. Share with Him your desires, fears, frustrations and thankfulness! Who knows, maybe even while you're going for a run or a swim. Anything that you do regularly by yourself that seems like filler time...  make something intentional and beautiful out of it.

4. Worship is Prayer

Worship is Prayer. When we experience His goodness and love, we cannot help but respond. Responding, we recognize Him as our Savior.. and even more close.. a friend. As we do so, we partner with Him in our day-to-day prayer life! Prayer and worship are closer than you think. 

So whatever way you connect with God, whether it's in a worship time at church or by yourself, or if it's through art or anything else creative, that is you connecting with God. I encourage you to speak out what your heart wants to say in that moment. 


5. Join the Global Prayer Movement 

This one is so fun! No matter where I am and where I'm living, I always have my map that I bring with me to hang up. God loves the world, and and He loves each nation! Here's my challenge: point to a random country on a map, and pray for it! Try becoming more familiar with the world and start spending time praying for places maybe you never heard of.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you and just pray out whatever is in your heart for that country. There’s no pressure or preparation, just point to the map, and stick with wherever your finger landed! It also helps you practice your prophetic prayer muscle! PrayerCast is an incredible platform for going further into global prayer!

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