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A Global Community — Growing Your Heart For The Nations From Home

Darrelle Ryan April 24, 2020


Right now we as missionaries are presented with the incredible opportunity to spread the good news from our very own doorstep. The intimacy of God is being revealed to us today, and we’re being invited to trust in the Lord as He grows not only our heart for other nations, but also the ones we find ourselves in right now. What a beautiful opportunity to be the hands and feet of the gospel in a place where for most of us, our walk with God beganhome.


“How beautiful are the feet that bring good news!” Romans 10:15 (NIV)

In the midst of a crazy world climate, the world needs the power and love of the gospel more than ever. God has chosen you as his ambassador to share the good news with those who have never heard the name of Jesus. One of the coolest things about the gospel is that it lives inside of you. It’s not restricted to a placeit’s alive! Therefore, even if your mission field looks a bit different at the moment, the gospel remains the same. That’s one of the sweetest comforts of all. Same Jesus, same love, wherever the location.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19 (NIV)

Perhaps this time in history is a divine invitation for community. A time where brothers and sisters in Christ from every nation on earth are coming together to intercede for one another like never before. To be more connected unlike any other time and to show a love that stretches beyond borders. In the slowness of these days, you’re being presented with the perfect occasion to allow his tender love to soften your heart for the world around you and the issues it currently faces.


So how can you grow your heart for the nations in this time?


This time in history is a cry for intercession, and not only to intercede for your own nation, but for the nations of the world. Together let’s step into the shoes of our brothers and sisters around the globe. Let us declare revival and awakening over every country! 

Let God use you in your time of intercession to grow your own heart. What is he speaking to you? Take what he says to you and speak it out over the nations! Is he putting a specific nation on your heart? Intercede for the people of that place! God delights in hearing your prayers and he wants to use YOU.

An awesome resource to help guide your intercession is a website called the Joshua Project. Here you can find detailed statistics of unreached people groups around the world as well as daily prayer guides on how to pray for them.

Stay in the Know

Extend your bubble (your knowledge bubble), and stay up to date with current events! What’s happening around the world right now? How can I be praying for or supporting the needs of different nations?

Tune in to your local news outlets via YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. What’s happening across the globe today? Maybe you would like to subscribe to some informative podcasts to educate yourself. When we know what’s going on around the world, we know better how to support and respond, and more importantly, how to pray! God speaks to a seeking heart. The internet is the easiest and fastest way to become more aware of what’s going on around the world. Learn how to utilize it wellknowledge is at your fingertips!

Check out this blog for a deeper perspective on this --> How to Become a Missionary: Know What's Going on in the World

In Your Quiet Time

Your daily quiet times (i.e., devotions) with the Lord are so important. It’s an opportunity to simply sit at the table Jesus so perfectly prepares for us. In these times we encourage you to take a moment to just listen to the Lord. Let God speak into your heart about the nations and take those things into your intercession times. Let him fill you up... to send you out!

Take Care of Relationships

We are so blessed in this day and age with the wonder of the internet. Use it to your advantage, and stay in contact your friends, wherever they are! One of the coolest ways God grows your heart for the nations is by connecting with people from around the world. So call them up! Ask what life is like where they are, and learn about what’s going on in their nation and how you can be praying for them. There's never been a better time to call up your fellow DTS mates!

So though life seems to be on pause for a little while, there is always work to be done. Let’s grow our hearts for the nations from the most familiar mission field of all—home. Soon enough we will be able to walk out our front door and go into all the nations of the world. We’re believing that on the other side of this, we will see the biggest wave of young missionaries spreading across the globe. Will you be part of it?

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