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A Prayer That Can Change A Marriage | YWAM Carnaval Outreach

Tyla Fazzari February 8, 2016



I saw a couple and I felt that I needed to pray for them and they said yes, and then I asked them if they were married and she said yes. I asked them to hold hands and as I said that she looked at her husband and started crying. I felt the Lord so heavy on my heart wanting me to pray for them and share and tell her that God thinks she is really special and that He has a huge plan for her.

As they held hands I put my hand over their hands and started praying. I prayed over their marriage for healing, restoration and forgiveness from their past and the pain that they had in their hearts; for a Godly unity and respect for each other and she started crying even more.

When I finished praying I just felt that I needed to tell her that when God sees her that He thinks she is so beautiful and that He loves her so much as tears were streaming down her face.

She then shared that she had wanted to pray for herself and for her marriage for a long time but she didn't know how and she thanked me so much for changing her life.

An hour later I saw the couple walking and holding hands in the distance and she looked back at me and had a big smile on her face with a big thumbs up and shouted thank you.

And then gave her husband a big hug.

- Lizy Alcalá M. del Campo

January DTS 2016


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