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7 Ways to Invite God into Your Workspace

Virginia Bardsley July 31, 2019
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How do we live out our beliefs and love for God even in the everyday, mundane, work week? Whether you're doing something to get by, or something you're really passionate about, we can all hit walls where we feel stuck, tired, and unmotivated. Below are some tips I have learned that are vital for a healthy work week!


1. Push yourself to understand and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your co-workers in order to embrace unity.

Wherever your job leads you, it will be an opportunity to learn to walk in humility knowing none of us are perfect, but that we are all being used by Him. Continually seek to have a heart of repentance & forgiveness because there's always room to learn and grow. Where there is Jesus- there is grace! Find grace for others, and seek grace for yourself. 

2. Start your day with your eyes on God.

Open the day with a devotional, a worship song, or a prayer. Start the day by submitting it to the Lord by making it a day full of God's presence & a great work ethic! You may be the only Christian at your workplace, but seek to put your trust and strength in Him at the start of each new day.

3. Even if your heart isn't fully there, give it your best. 

God speaks to us, that 'whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord' (Col. 3:23). Be a good steward and work hard! Use the gifts God's placed within you to make the best of every situation. 


4. In moments that are hard, ask for God's understanding and guidance.

Slow down, and pause. Ask God for words you can hold onto as you serve in this season. Remember that in all things, He is good, and He has so much to teach us. Maybe this season you learn more grace, or patience, or kindness. "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." (Gal 5:22-23)

5. Be open for the Holy Spirit to use you.

Whether your job is calling someone on the phone, in meetings all day, retail or selling cars- Everything you do is an opportunity to have the ability to show Christ. How can you share Jesus in your job? Through words or actions, ask for specific guidance in this area.


6. Your work does not define your worth or your identity.

Recognize that your responsibility as a child of God is to first know who He is, and in turn you will know who you are. When we know who we are, and how God works, we can be confident while still leaving room for God to use us. I know that there have been instances where I worked off of my own strength, and I felt drained, unmotivated, and directionless. But when I understood how God works together with us, and how to see God's teaching, we find ourselves with so much passion & drive to do the work He has laid out for us! 

7. Accept each moment and grow from it.

Let every good and bad moment contribute to your wholeness, your desire to be more and more like Jesus Christ. You are a child of the High King, you were made to be creative and you can use the gifts God has given you in whatever situation comes your way. Through kindness, patience, grace, and joy God wants to use you. You might not be in your dream job, or maybe you are, but take each moment (good and bad) as an opportunity to shape you more into who Christ is and how He loves those around Him.

We're cheering you on!

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