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DTS is Over... Now What?

Geertje Caliguire March 25, 2019


You just completed 6 thrilling months of a Discipleship Training School. God has given you a firm foundation in Him, freedom, and revealed passions deep within you! You get home, unpack, and then start thinking… now what?

We believe DTS is just the beginning of God’s wild life for you, and we’re here to share some options that are available to you as you step into this new season!

Get Proactive in Your Community

Did God speak a dream, an idea? To start an organization, lead a small group, have worship nights in your basement, or reach out to disciple others and be discipled by those you look up to?

You’ve been trained and sent out, even into your own community, neighborhood and family, so what will you do about it? How will you activate yourself and bring God’s love into your everyday life, and challenge yourself to grow as well?

You might be in a job that's not your calling, but how can you love those you work with? Maybe God has placed in you a desire to lead a Sunday school class, or teach about hearing God’s voice to your local Youth Group. The opportunities are endless, but it’s only you who will limit yourself. 


Continue in a Secondary School

Did you know that Youth With A Mission is also a University? With over 500 courses you could take?! You can take your passions God has given you, continue to develop them, and receive training on them in a Christian, missions-focused atmosphere. How cool is that?! You could take one secondary school, or even further the track into a Degree! Check out more information below.



Find Your Ministry 

Was there an organization that you partnered with on Outreach that really impacted you? Maybe a new ministry is getting pioneered in your city, or you've always wanted to be part of Medical Missions. With your experience, you can now jump further into the mission field with the many incredible organizations out there doing God's work! 

Receive Further Education Outside of YWAM

Did God speak to you to develop a skill or trade to further His Kingdom? Take some time to process and see if the Lord is asking you to now attend University, and to equip yourself with the tools necessary to bring the Gospel in different spheres of the world! It could be nursing, teaching, a design or music. Be open to what He has to say!


Join Staff at YWAM

Once completed a DTS, you have the ability to staff just about any YWAM base on the planet! Join a YWAM base in the downtown of a bustling city, a jungle, underground, on the beach, or in the corn fields. What are your passions? Could you join a YWAM location that’s doing just that? (P.S. Some bases require a particular secondary school to join staff, so be sure to enquire!)

Financially Support Missionaries or Ministries

The work of missionaries/ministries is impossible without the support of those who can give. It's Kingdom partnership, and it's an incredible way to continue to stay connected to the mission field and those you're rooting for. To give is to receive, right? So be blessed in the assurance that as you give, the Kingdom furthers it's reach into the world, and the Gospel continues to be spread.

Learn More About Joining Staff

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