12 Feb

YWAM Ships Mazatlan Welcomes the M/V Amazing Grace [Photos + Video]


The M/V Amazing Grace has finally made it to its new home in Mazatlan! Today, Sunday February 12, 2017 the M/V Amazing Grace pulled into port at Marina Mazatlan after a two week voyage that started at Bethel Island, California. 

06 Feb

The Best Way to Start Off Your Week (Worship in B/W)

What a privilege it is to be able to start off our week in worship!
31 Jan

YWAM DTS Outreach... What on Earth Does it Even Look Like?!  [Photos]

1. Backpack around to far away places 


Mexico City, Mexico

25 Jan

When worship becomes so much more than just singing songs - YWAM Mazatlan

"During the first worship time on my YWAM DTS I felt at home."

One of my favorite times in YWAM Mazatlan is the time of worship. I love spending quality time in the presence of God.
24 Nov

3 Obstacles you´ll face before coming and doing your DTS

When you decide to take a leap of faith and follow God, we are sure you´ll face obstacles . Based on the stories of the many people that come and do their discipleship training school, here are 3 of the most common obstacles:

12 Oct

"I can't do it." - The lie that could ruin everything.

When I was 4, my dad was training a group of young men teaching them rappelling techniques (vertical descent). When I saw what they were doing, I asked my dad if I could do it as well and he said, "Yes." He explained to me how the system worked and I practiced in a flat area. Then he took me to the place we were going to descend from; it was only a 17 ft drop, but for a 4 year old kid, it felt like the top of the highest mountain! As soon as I stood on the edge, I was overcome by fear and I froze, "Is the rope strong enough? What if the harness breaks? What if I do something wrong and fall?" My mind was filled with all these questions. I started to cry and told my dad, "I can't, I can't do it." My dad fixed his eyes on mine and said, "If you believe you can't do it, you are right, the same way you'll be right if you believe you can. You can do it, I'm here, I'm holding you." His words and conviction filled me with courage and confidence, the fear diminished, and I took the first step into the void believing I could do it. With every step I took I was less afraid; I didn't just believe, I knew I could do it. 

16 Sep

3 Reasons Why You Should Support a Missionary

How can you be a person of impact from your home? Supporting and partnering with a missionary is the perfect way. There’s always a need for missionaries around the world. But why should you invest your time and resources to support a missionary?

01 Sep

When I Wonder Why On Earth I Am Still In YWAM

I could be.

The "I could be's" are one of the enemy’s biggest assaults on YWAMers, I think. If he can get us thinking with I could be, then he’s luring us in.

I could be finished college by now.

I could have my own car.

I could be paying my own phone bill and rent and groceries, instead of having other people pay it for me.

25 Aug

YWAM BSN TESTIMONY - Take Your Bible Off The Shelf

Attending the BSN (Bible School for the Nations) was a desire I had during my DTS (Discipleship Training School), after growing more in my relationship with God I wanted more knowledge of His Word to be able to share with others. I had never read the bible in it’s entirety, and was a Christian for over thirty years. My bible sat on the bookshelf, and was rarely opened. I attended bible studies, but only focused on the scriptures that were referenced by the author, and even memorized a few. The bible never seemed relevant to me, and I only opened it when I was seeking answers.

15 Jul

5 Reasons To Stop Waiting And Apply For Your YWAM DTS... TODAY!

C'mon now, let's all admit it... How many times have we put really GOOD things on hold due to hesitations and fears and the million "what if's" that take over our thoughts, minds and emotions? It's time to put it all aside once and for all and finally take that step God has been challenging you to take for the past few weeks, months or possibly even years.