25 Aug

YWAM BSN TESTIMONY - Take Your Bible Off The Shelf

Attending the BSN (Bible School for the Nations) was a desire I had during my DTS (Discipleship Training School), after growing more in my relationship with God I wanted more knowledge of His Word to be able to share with others. I had never read the bible in it’s entirety, and was a Christian for over thirty years. My bible sat on the bookshelf, and was rarely opened. I attended bible studies, but only focused on the scriptures that were referenced by the author, and even memorized a few. The bible never seemed relevant to me, and I only opened it when I was seeking answers.

15 Jul

5 Reasons To Stop Waiting And Apply For Your YWAM DTS... TODAY!

C'mon now, let's all admit it... How many times have we put really GOOD things on hold due to hesitations and fears and the million "what if's" that take over our thoughts, minds and emotions? It's time to put it all aside once and for all and finally take that step God has been challenging you to take for the past few weeks, months or possibly even years.

01 Jul

The Number One Misconception Every High School Graduate Has About Their Life

"I need to know NOW (at the ripe age of 18) what I will do for the rest of my life. No, but seriously… I do. How will I choose a college, a workplace, my next step if I don't know exactly who I am, and exactly what I want to do… RIGHT. NOW. for the rest of my life?"
10 Jun

My Life Before and After Poverty

Never had I thought twice about the snack-cupboard that was constantly stacked full in our kitchen. Oreos, Pringles, vanilla wafers, pretzel sticks, old-fashioned potato chips, Goldfish, Ruffles, and those delicious mint girl-scout cookies, just to name a few.. Ohhhhh sweet delicious goodness. (cue mouth watering)

03 Jun

YWAM DTS Survival Kit

You may be trekking through an unreached village with no electricity and preaching to the isolated. These are some things you may want to consider packing for your YWAM DTS. 


31 May

Dear YWAM Mazatlan,

Dear YWAM Mazatlan, 

I have a lot to say to you... a lot to express. It’s hard to even begin to describe the ways that you’ve changed me, the ways you’ve impacted my life.

24 May

YWAM Outreach - When Freedom isn't Freedom

In a city of freedom, prostition is legal, drugs are legal, and people come from all over the globe to live in a place with so much openness. What they don’t realize is that though the laws may allow them to be “free” , it’s a false freedom... a trap to fall deep into the unrelenting hands of an addictive lifestyle.

13 May

"Bruised, Utterly" - YWAM Outreach - Lesvos, Greece

(All media used with permission. With the current media ban we are unable to use any of our own photos from inside the camp.)

Photo: (CC BY-SA 4.0)

“It’s like going to war knowing that this battle might never end. Or, you know it will but the end is nowhere near. And you’ve only got three weeks to do what? Feed people, clothe them, set up a tent, hug their grubby children. It’s frustrating. This could end in a matter of weeks, but instead everyone tells you that reality is more like months or even years.

29 Apr

Do you believe God can provide for your YWAM DTS?

A week before our outreach finances were due I decided to pray and fast during lunch as I was still missing some money. I felt God clearly tell me to give away all the money I had in my bank account. I had a choice to say yes; to have instant or delayed obedience.

24 Mar

How just one week with YWAM Mazatlan Mexico changed our lives

The past few months I have been praying that God would show and reveal something to me about my future, and what He wants for me after high school. I was honestly getting impatient asking God to show me something. So last night I prayed again, asking God to reveal something to me.