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3 Reasons Why Every Church Should Visit Their YWAM Missionaries[VIDEO]

Mar 31, 2015 12:23:31 PM


At the end of February, a team from our home church Hope Chapel Maui came to YWAM Mazatlan to build a home with our Homes of Hope ministry. While they were here I kept thinking about the impact that a team from a individual's home church has and this is what I wanted to share with you.

1. It's blessing to the missionaries on the field

Celebrating the first Hope Chapel build with Pastor Ben

I can without reservation confirm that when a home church sends a team to their missionaries, it is hard to quantify the impact. It is great because the missionaries get to spend quality time with friends that they may only see once a year and make new friends with people you may not have had the opportunity to connect with at church. Teams do not just bless the sending churches' missionaries, but the other missionaries as well. That might be while hanging out over a cup of coffee,  sitting and sharing your testimony with someone or going out for tacos together. These are just a few of the ways that short term teams can connect with other long term missionaries and encourage and bless them, even if it's through a simple conversation. There is an opportunity to see God work in our lives and in the lives of others and we do that through building relationships.

2. The impact that it has on the people who go

Watch the video above and you will see for yourself that people can be impacted deeply by going on a mission trip. For some it may just be experiencing a new country for the first time or it may be the extreme poverty that they encounter and for others it may be the opportunity to serve in such a practical way. Whatever the reason is for each individual, it all comes back to one thing, Jesus.  So many people leave a mission trip talking about how it changed their life or how they will never be the same. God not only uses us to love on those in need, but He moves in our hearts in a powerful way as well. And that's exactly what God does when we say yes to Him.

3.  Short term teams can have long term results

Praying for the family who received a home

I truly believe that short term teams can have long term results, if I didn't I would not do what I do. When a church team comes and is able to connect in with a long term local ministry, we see results because of partnerships that are created between the visiting church, the local missionaries and the local church.  As we all come together in unity, God does an incredible work. For example, if teams never came to Mazatlan to help build homes with our Homes of Hope ministry, how long would it take for our staff to raise all the money and build all the homes we've built over the years? In certain instances like Homes of Hope, we rely on short term teams to be a part of our long term results. Some may disagree with the impact short terms can have, but we are truly thankful for all the relationships  and the impact God has created through teams like Hope Chapel Maui. As we say yes to God and believe Him to bring together these partnerships, we get to witness the outpouring of God's love in all our lives and in those we serve. 


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