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Okay, This is My Life Now. YWAM DTS

YWAM Mazatlan March 20, 2015


“Okay, this is my life now.” That’s exactly what I thought when I stepped out onto the balcony of where I would spend the next 5 months of my life. As I looked at the ocean view and the relatively large patio that YWAM Mazatlán has, I just kept reassuring myself, “Okay, this is my life.” I had no idea what God had in store for me within these 5 months, all I knew was that He wanted me here and that I would never be the same after this.


I have only been here for a little over two months and I thank God for my YWAM DTS every day. My DTS has been absolutely incredible and I never expected it to move me in ways that it has. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what this school would be like before I got here. Now, I understand why it’s called Discipleship Training School. You begin to experience God in ways you never thought possible. You truly begin to understand what it means to “Know God”. The depths of your relationship with Him that you reach while you’re in DTS are phenomenal.

Within these two months the Lord has changed my life forever. The Bible has become more than just a holy book for me; the Bible is God revealing His beauty line by line. Coming to YWAM Mazatlán was a huge step of faith for me, but the wonderment I’ve gained through DTS is something I will cherish for all of my days. I’m beginning to understanding how God isn’t just “God”, but he’s our father, savior, and comforter. All he truly wants from us is a relationship with Him.


I’m so incredibly excited for the next few months of YWAM and outreach of my school! There’s nothing better than getting to know the Lord every single day and discovering something new. Falling in love with God daily is something I’ve become quite fond of. Personally, Jesus is my best friend now and I believe everyone should do a YWAM DTS, especially in Mazatlán!

-Devon N.


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