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3 Tips To Help You On Your Journey To Become A Missionary

Aug 14, 2014 2:30:00 PM

It's human nature to over complicate things in life. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that life really isn't as complicated as we make it. For example... if you're reading this post it's fair to say that you might have some interest in how to become a missionary. You're probably thinking about training, finances, where do I go, what do I do, and how do I do it? Those are all realities, but the initial getting up and going is quite simple. 




Know God's vision

Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations...”

- Jesus (Matthew 28:19)

Those were Jesus' last words! So don't worry about a calling – you already have one. The question isn't "should I go" because God has established that much in Matthew 28:19. The question should be "have you called me to stay?". God's inviting you into his worldwide mission. Whether that's with your neighborhoods or an unreached Muslim tribe in north Africa. If you're a believer, then you can hear God's voice and He's probably already laid something on you heart. So just ask him! Where is God inviting you?

 A woman in front of her home after typhoon Haiyan during missions trip to the Philippines


Share the vision

Once you get the call to go, the next step would be to share your vision to become a missionary with your friends, family, and especially a church community. Let them get behind you, support you and pray with you before you set out on the mission.  You're not meant to be a lone ranger.  Missionary actually means “sent one”. Who's going to send you?

 YWAM DTS outreach team


Join a missions team and GO!

God's already doing amazing things around the world. From medical missions to bible translation, there are thousands of missionary organizations, each with their own DNA, focus, and ways to get involved.  So who are you going to team up with?

"I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father."-Jesus (John 14:12)

Those are just a few thoughts. If someone asked you the question "How do I become a missionary?", what would you say? 
Become a Missionary

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