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Homes of Hope: The 5 Benefits of a Home

Aug 31, 2015 5:37:47 PM

Homes of Hope, has a goal to bring justice and an end to much of the poverty problems that we have in Mexico as well as bring comfort and safety to families. Unfortunately in Latin America many households need 5.4 times more than what their annual income is to build a house. Many of the homes are built by the owner with garbage that they find. There's countless benefits to having a home but in this blog we'd like to highlight the 5 benefits that we find the most important! 


Economic Impact. 

Debt free homes help leverage families out of poverty. Instead of using this money to build a home they can use their income to purchase resources fro school and other family necessities.


Educational Impact. 

A child with a home is 3 times more likely to go to school than a child without and without education future opportunities are slim. 


Health Impact. 

In Latin America sadly 2.5% of children under 1 die of exposure. Children without homes are also twice as likely to suffer from problems such as asthma and stomach disease. Moving a child from a dirt floor to a concrete floor can reduce stomach issues by 43%. 


Social and Emotional Impact. 

Homeless children are much more likely to struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. Homelessness also promotes delayed development and chronic hunger. 


Spiritual Impact. 

Parents without the means to provide their families with a proper homes tend to find it very difficult to look beyond their own situation. They may even feel trapped in their situation.


Over the following weeks I will talk more in depth about the impact of each one of these. If you're interested in making a difference in the lives of those who are living in poverty here in Mazatlan check out the link below. 


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