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YWAM Stories: Reflections of Janiel

Jul 17, 2015 5:45:23 PM


If you've done a Homes of Hope build recently there's a chance that you've met Janiel.  He's a 13 year old boy who was gifted with a home and has since been helping with the Homes of Hope builds that take place in his community!  He is now enrolled and attending YWAM Mazatlan's summer youth program, "Verano de Fuego".  We hope his story is as beautiful and inspirational to you as it is to us. 

In doing a Homes of Hope build you're not only building a home for someone but you're making an impact that could change their lives forever.  If you've been looking for something to do with your family, youth group and want to change the world as well as have a blast check out YWAM Mazatlan Homes of Hope!



Build a home with homes of hope

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