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A Homes of Hope Story: The Boy

Jonathan Norton July 31, 2015


Not so long ago this 18 year old kid came to Mazatlan, Mexico to help the poor mexican people.  He was a strong kid, but ignorant to the world outside of his own country. His biggest fear was looking like a tourist. Later on he was told about the process of building a house with Homes of Hope in YWAM Mazatlan. His mind was still so focused on what he could do for everyone else. He was blind to all the things that were about to change in his life.  


Worship starts the next morning, he walks in, heart cold, mind tired; but as the music began so did a fire.  His heart melted in the heat of a fire ignited by the King of Kings.  His mind awoken by the Lord of Lords. 

The build site is hot, dusty and bright; but it's exciting, there's an exhiliration in what is yet to come.  The children of the neighborhood poke their heads out from behind whatever they can find to hide behind and then hide with giggles and smiles at whatever response he gives.  

The work's hard and fulfilling, he and his friends laugh loudly at whatever jokes and little mistakes are made, This is joy.

The next day is much the same. After a couple hours in the sun he sits down to take a drink and sit in the shade. He looks around to see some of his friends sacrificing their break to play with the children of the community. Games of patty cake, tag and jump rope ensue everywhere.  He supposes that everyones here for a different reason and his is to build.  Everyone else can play with the kids. About the same time he's approached by a small girl with a soccer ball.  He looks at the house to decide whether or not he should get back to work, 5 minutes won't hurt. 

Silent play time that was supposed to be 5 minutes turns to 10 minutes, 10 minutes to 30.  Finally the girl comes to him and takes off a red rubber bracelet on her wrist and gives it to him.  She was only wearing 2, Are these the only jewlery she has? 

His new friend picks up her ball and with a smile and wave she walks away.  He stood and watched her leave. When the simple act of kicking the ball began it was for her; but the more and more he thought, he realized that she had done that for him. 

When the three days of the build was over, he looked back on the 18 year old kid who got off the plane.  As the tears poured uncontrollably, he realized that he was glad that he came so that the Mexican people could help him, he was a weak kid; and the boy who landed in Mexico, was never the same. 

The day the red rubber bracelet broke he thought that the vessels had detached from his heart; but the day he landed in Mexico again, his heart reassured him he was alive. 

I wanted to write my story so that you could all see that Homes of Hope is so amazing for the people of Mazatlan that we build the homes for, but it's also a life changing experience for those who involve themselves in it.  So come make a story of your own.  Invest in something that will not only improve the lives of a family here, but improve the way that you see life.  


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