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Carnaval 2018: More Stories To Tell

Geertje Caliguire February 23, 2018


Allison’s Story


“A couple weeks ago during base intercession we were praying for Carnaval and for the people. God kept giving me this name Alex, and he told me that she had pain in her legs, so since then I’ve been praying for her. Last night at one point I looked across the street and saw a lady with a small child. We walked over and I asked her what her name was and she said it was Alejandra, and I got chills because I knew this was the woman who God placed on my heart. So I asked her if she had any pain in her legs and she said, “yes and in my feet too.” I told her I’d been praying for her for two weeks and that God loves her so much and that she was beautiful. I asked if we could pray for her legs, and when we finished I opened my eyes and I saw her face, and I could tell she was healed. Her husband joined us, and we asked if we could pray for him as well. He agreed and said he had a headache. When we finished praying, we saw his face just light up and he told us his headache had left. God answered my prayers for this woman, and it was really incredible.”

Juan’s Story


“We’ve been working with the skateboard guys this week, just hanging out and eating food. Our hope for the skaters was for them not to go into Carnaval, but to stay outside in a safe environment. Yesterday we really got to share the gospel with all the guys, and we told them that no one can know the Father except through Jesus. I asked them all to close their eyes, and to raise their hands if they wanted to accept Jesus. In total we had 6 skaters raise their hands, and one of skaters for a long time had a really hard and closed off heart. And a few days ago I had a dream about this boy, that God really wanted to reach him. So it was awesome, and we’ll get to continue these relationships with them as we see them in skate ministry.”

Maye's Story


“We went and handed out roses to women in Carnaval and while we were praying in the middle of the street, God told me to look right, and I saw a woman cooking at a stand. God told me to go to her. I handed her a rose, and the Lord told me to tell her that He loved her and that she is important to Him. And I asked her what she thought about it. She told me, "my husband is a Christian, but I don't understand God's plan for my life. I don’t understand why He loves me. But I do know that throughout the many years, God has continued to tell me He loves me. This is God, really saying that He does love me." And she kept looking at me saying that God loved her, and she believed it."

Kelly's Story 


“The last few days I’ve been carrying a sign that said ‘I want to die’ as part of a presentation we were doing, and yesterday an 11-year-old boy came up to me asking why I was carrying this. When he came up, one of his friends came up with him as well and his friend had said that this boy also wants to die. The boy began sharing with me that he had been bullied at school for a long time and had been struggling with suicide thoughts. I started to speak to him, and he started crying uncontrollably. After that, I share the gospel with him, and he received Christ in his heart last night, and it was so beautiful.”

Paige's Story


“I met a man from Brazil and he came up to me and spoke English. I was so excited that he spoke English, I just yelled “Jesus loves you!” And he told me, “I need to talk to you.” We began to talk and at one point I told him, "you are a son, and there is nothing you can do that could separate you from the love of God." He began to share with me his story, that he used to know the Lord. He used to be in a homosexual relationship and moved here and left God because he loved him. And they broke up two days ago and that the door had closed on their relationship. He was in this space of praying to the Lord again. He felt lost. We prayed for the breaking of soul ties, conviction of sexual sin, and to release this part of his life. And I explained that our theme for this Carnaval was Ven A Casa, which means Come Home in Spanish. It meant that sons and daughters were coming home. I told him that we were all there for him, for him to come home. And he looked at me and said "I’ve been waiting for you." I told him "and I’ve been praying for you."

What an incredible week, radiating with God's favor. We are so thankful for everyone who helped make this Carnaval unlike any other, and to God, the true healer, father, and friend. 

Come experience Carnaval, and so much more with us! 

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