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How to Hear God’s Voice

Nov 1, 2019 2:24:53 PM

Are you struggling to hear God in this season? Maybe you don't even know where to start? You've come to a great place where we've got some helpful tools for you to press in to a more intimate relationship with God. It's all about being willing and open. Jesus longs to speak with you and be with you, so let this be the start of something incredible!

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand." John 10:27-28

Spend Quality Time With Him

Are you spending daily time with God? In times where I’ve forgotten to take those moments of solitude, or allow my busy schedule to justify my absence with Christ, I’ve begun to notice that I don’t recognize His voice, or better yet, I don’t make time to hear His voice. He wants so much to sit with us and speak with us, but we’ve got to commit daily times just to spend time in His presence. This means time to journal, read His Word, and simply sit in silence. Try starting with 15 minutes every day devoted to reading the Bible, and journaling your thoughts. Increase that time as you feel, but be intentional!


Meditate on Scripture

Have you ever been reading the Bible, and suddenly you come across a passage that seems to jump right off the page? Could it be that God placed it there, just for you, so you can be deeply impacted by it? Take those moments slowly and meditate on the words God is clearly speaking to you. Write them out, memorize them, and think of them throughout the day. Let God’s powerful words continually wash over you throughout this season you’re in.

Ask Questions, then Listen

We sometimes beg to hear God, but when we ask Him questions, how many of us take the time to really listen? I’m guilty of this as well. So ask God questions! Ask Him what He thinks of you. Ask Him words He would like to speak over your heart today, or words He would like you to share with someone else. Ask, then listen. Sit in the silence, and allow the words that flow into your head make their way to your journal, and write out His answers. How do you know it’s God? With everything that you hear, confirm it with God’s character. God is Truth, Encourager, Father, Kind, Loving, Good. Do the words you feel He spoke to you line up with those things? If so, then believe it to be from God.


What’s the last thing God asked of you? When we follow in obedience, we take a step towards intimacy with God, and with intimacy comes the ability to recognize His voice above the others. Did you feel a prompting to share a word with someone? Do you need to ask for forgiveness from a friend or family member? Or maybe confront someone that has hurt you deeply? Perhaps you feel like God is asking you to stop watching a certain show, listening to certain music, or unfollow someone on Instagram that drives you away from Him. With each step of obedience, you’ll be able to discern His voice and draw closer to Him.


Invite Him Into Every Area of Your Life

God isn’t just your Sunday God, your small group God, or your 20-minutes-in-the-morning God. He wants to come into every single area of our lives. The best parts, the hard parts, the painful parts, all of it. When you want to hear Him speak, you have to invite Him into every aspect of your life, and not only that, but you have to surrender each area to Him. When you begin to hold things from God, believing you know best, that banging cymbal of your own voice drowns out His loving voice and His perfect plans for your life. So let it go. Lay it all down. This can be uncomfortable, and difficult, but that’s okay! Trust that God really does have your best in mind.


Jesus is the great Shepherd. As you learn more about Him, you'll hear His voice clearer and clearer. He has something to teach you in every season, and even in the one you're in right now. 

Felt encouraged by this blog? Why not take a step further and spend 6 months diving into a relationship with the God of the universe? 

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