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Your Guide to Getting the Best Backpack for Your DTS

Geertje Caliguire February 4, 2019
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If you’ve never had a backpacking backpack, buying this essential for your Discipleship Training School might stress you out! Let us help you with our tips and tricks for choosing the best backpack for your big adventure!

Why a Backpack Over Luggage?

When coming into your DTS we put a huge emphasis on traveling light, and traveling well. Which means the easier your things are to carry, the more it's going to benefit you. Especially when it comes to outreach. You never know if you’ll be trekking in mountains, taking boats to remote areas, or moving cities every week, so when it comes to lugging around all your things you’ll want the least hassle! We recommend getting a backpack because it’ll be so much easier to transport, use, and contain all your things.

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Do I Have to Buy a Backpack?

Definitely not! If you think you’ll only use your backpack for DTS, then ask some friends if they have one you could borrow! Backpacks can be expensive, so if you’re worried about the price tag, ask around and someone is sure to have one lying around you could use for a few months! Still keep in mind you’ll want something good and durable, so don’t settle for just any backpack. Make sure it fits you well and comfortable. Pack it full of things and test it out. 

Size Recommendations

50-70L is the perfect size for a 5 month adventure. Depending on how much you pack, you could go below or above, but we think this range will give you the perfect amount of space, and keeps you from overpacking. There are unisex backpacks, but also gender specific which could fit your body type better, so be sure to check those out as well.

Recommended and Trusted Brands

OspreyREI, MEC, Gregory.

Price Range

A solid backpack could range about $100-$250, so look out for sales, and if you live in the USA, check out REI Garage —> some great deals! There are definitely some cheaper and more expensive, but that range would supply you with a great backpack! 


  • Try your backpack on IN STORE. Go to a good outdoor retailer and ask an employee who specializes in backpacks to help fit you and find the best backpack for you. Even if you plan to buy it online, check it out in store first. 

Tips to Pack:

  • Pack things you can mix and match, not items you’ll only wear once
  • Roll your clothing (like burritos!)
  • Limit your shoes: Flip flops, runners, and casual shoes should be sufficient!
  • Packing cubes and compression sacks are great for organization and maximizing your space.
  • Leave your big shampoos/conditioners/etc. at home and buy one here! Along with anything else that's bulky, that would be easy to buy at a Walmart we have here. 

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