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The 5 Dont's of Fundraising

Nov 2, 2018 3:27:40 PM
We've seen good fundraising... and not so good. Here are some tips we wanted to share with you to help you rock your fundraising journey to DTS!



1. Don’t Expect the Money to Just Show Up 

Many times we say things like, “God is going to provide everything you need!” And this is true, but we believe that God is going to lead you to His provision by working with you. He wants partner with us, but He expects us to put in some of the hard work. So open your hands, and ask Him what He wants of you in this time of fundraising. Who should you contact? Should you get a second job? What gifts/skills do you have that could help you? Working 40 hours a week is just as much fundraising as having coffee with someone and asking them to support you. Starting writing down a list of friends you could contact, events you could host, or odd jobs/skills you could use to raise money. When it comes to fundraising, the opportunities are endless. Think outside the box, and don't be afraid of dreaming big!

2. Don’t Forget to be Personal

“The more critical the response, the more direct the communication required.”

- Kenny Jackson

We are called to be personal. Personal means inviting someone over for dinner, or a coffee date, a FaceTime/Skype call, or a letter. Personal is inviting someone into your journey with full consideration of the other person. Remember that fundraising is not about how you feel, but how what you’re doing will make the other person feel. You’ll feel uncomfortable because you’re stepping into something new that requires you to have courage. But God is with you, and chances are the person will see beyond your discomfort, to the heart of what you are trying to show them. The more personal, the more likely they are to partner with you because they get a chance to experience your heart. So start off by writing out why this is important for you, what you’re excited about, your journey up to this point, your needs, and whatever else you can think of. Then invite those you love over for dinner, share those things, and invite them into a loving partnership.


3. Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

Like we said before, we are called to invite others into deep, personal partnership. Social media is the least personal way we can fund raise. It is the easiest, but most times, the least effective. It's a good place to share your story with a wide audience, but it won't always be enough to convince people to support you. Friends and family members can feel hurt when someone only contacts them impersonally. In order to fund raise well, you need to sacrifice some of your time, money, and comfort. You might be able to use Facebook and other social media platforms to determine who is really interested and believes in your journey, but don't leave it at that. Continue the relationship and reach out directly and personally. 

4. Don’t Give Up

Give it everything you’ve got. Don’t be discouraged when the answer is no. Learn from each experience, and let it better you for the next one. Learn to give all your fears and doubts to God, and He’ll reveal to you which ways to go. Even if you don’t know clearly, walk in the direction that's most personal and loving, because that's who God is. 

When you believe that God is calling you into something, don't let anything stop you. Don’t let your fear get in the way of His miraculous plans for your life. We’ve come to know that when God calls us to step out into the remarkable and uncomfortable, true transformation takes place. This includes fundraising. God's plans don't change just because your circumstances do. His word is truth and in moments of our weakness, we are given an opportunity to truly put all our trust and strength in Him, trusting He'll provide all we need. 


5. Don’t Do This on Your Own!

Find mentors, parents, or leaders who have had to fund raise before. Ask for their advice. You aren’t alone in this -- you’ve got many people supporting you, whether it’s your family or the staff here at YWAM! We have all gone through fundraising before, and we know it can be tough. So let’s do this together. 

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