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Why Doing a DTS at YWAM Mazatlan is a Total Game-Changer

January 28, 2019 at 11:54 AM

Every base is different. Different size, location, feel, and atmosphere. When choosing where to do your YWAM DTS, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. Let us give you a look into what YWAM Mazatlan holds and, who knows, it could be the right place for you!

Hands on Involvement and Impact in our City 

Not only will you get to experience ministry on your Outreach Phase, but during your Lecture Phase as well! Every Thursday, our entire base splits up and heads all over the city to different ministries we have pioneered. This involves evangelizing on the streets, praying for hurting people at the hospitals, sharing stories, painting and playing soccer in underdeveloped neighborhoods, and going to rehab centers, speaking love and value into the lives of many girls. There’s even more than just that, but Mazatlan is a city that desperately needs Christ, and we want to go and share the hope we have and find creative and sweet ways to do it. 35026690_10160896826680001_3106292379087273984_o

We're Just Steps from the Ocean

Looking out my window as I write this, I can see the ocean! Having the ocean so accessible has been an incredible gift where we've spent time worshipping, praying and having quiet times, swimming, watching remarkable sunsets, surfing, and so many baptisms. It adds an element of adventure and spontaneity to our community here.


We Love Family

Our base puts huge value on the importance of family and unity. You'll see the intentionality everywhere in community living, seeking God together, doing life together. For example, although our meals together would be more efficient cafeteria-style with long tables and lines, we set priority on togetherness. The tables are circular- everyone has a place and a voice. We celebrate and honor the individual! There are many families in missions here, with little ones that are part of who we are as well. So wherever you're from, you're part of our family here and we truly love that. 

We're Totally Bilingual 

From meal times, to class times and worship, everything is translated in English and Spanish which allows our home to be an incredible place to grow and learn a new language. It creates a space for those of English speaking and Spanish speaking countries to interact and form deep bonds. You will have roommates from all over the world, and you'll be pushed to communicate in creative ways, as you pick up word by word. You'll be surprised on what you'll know by the end, and throughout it all, you'll learn more about these incredible Spanish speaking nations.


We Have Crazy Sunsets!  

Like we said, AMAZING sunsets! God speaks through His beauty and creation, and from beaches to high lookouts, there are so many exciting places to experience God’s beauty through Mazatlan’s sunsets. It's something simple, yet breathtaking.

Sunset at Olas Altas

We Live in a Beautiful and Local Neighborhood

Our base lies right on the outskirts of an area called Centro. Centro is a beautiful area of Mazatlan filled with old romantic architecture, many late-night taco joints, quaint coffee shops, charming plazas, breakfast nooks, markets and awesome restaurants. It’s all within walking distance, so on the weekends, you’ll always pass by many YWAMers coming and going through Centro. You'll walk through the streets in awe as the many colors fill your eyes, and as the music from every street corner fills your ears. 

Develop Your Leadership

You could teach kids how to surf, join our worship team or even lead your own times of worship with friends. There are times to share and teach devotionals, take photos, write blogs for our website, serve as a barista, or be a translator. There are so many opportunities around our base where your passions could strengthen us. As you step into Outreach, those opportunities continue to grow. YWAM is a huge supporter of using things you're passionate for to further the Gospel. 


Pick A Theme to Add Some Spice! 

Themes we offer include: Compassion, Media, Expedition, Ships, Surf & Skate, and Trailblazers. Why not spend a couple hours every week diving into a passion you have? This is could learning how to compose photos, or learning how to build a fire, going camping or sailing. We love our themes because they add an extra sense of fun and adventure for each person! We included them for the purpose of allowing you to live out and experience what it means to serve God through the things you love. 

You'll Fall in Love with Latin Culture

Latin America is incredibly diverse, yet unifiable by it’s love of food, family, and music. From the warm greeting of a kiss on the cheek, to tamales and mariachi bands, there are so many things to love and experience not only from Mexico, but the many Latin nations that join you in your DTS. Learning Spanish, late night taco runs, trying out some salsa dancing, eating traditional Mexican foods, and placing yourself in a new way of life will be extremely powerful, life-changing, and just so, so fun. 


When You’re Up Against the Most Adversity, You Grow the Most

A new language, culture, city, friends. Everything is new. But we’re big believers in journeying outside of what’s comfortable or easy, because when you do, we believe it’s the perfect place to grow deeply and experience so much more than when you are comfortable. When everything is new, and God is the only thing that is familiar, that’s when your trust is put to the test and you're pushed to truly put everything you have into God’s hands. When you go into the unknown, God meets you there because He’s always been there. When you say yes to going into the unknown, that's when God can really take you by the hand and lead you where only He knows the way.


What are you waiting for? 

Do a DTS in Mazatlan

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