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Why you should consider crewing with YWAM Ships Mazatlan

Mar 2, 2016 4:55:06 PM


With over 20 vessels spread around the globe, there are plenty of opportunities for marine crew volunteers to get involved with YWAM Ships. With so many options out there, we thought we'd give you a few reasons why you should consider crewing with YWAM Ships Mazatlan here in Mexico.



You want to use your maritime skills for God

There is place where your passion and your calling collide. If you're a sailor or have spent time in the maritime industry, YWAM Ships could be that place for you. Our vision is to go to the most isolated and least reached places in the world. Places that we can only access with a ship manned with experienced crew that share our same passion for people and the sea.


You want to maximize your time

For our North American marine crew volunteers, Mexico is so close to home and the trip from your house to Mazatlan is likely less than a half day's travel. We realize that your time is valuable and sometimes you might not want to spend two days traveling just to get to the ship. YWAM Ships Mazatlan is positioned to allow you to fulfill your dream of using your maritime skills to serve God without having to go so far from home.


You have a heart for Mexico

Maybe you have a heart for the Spanish speaking world or have spent significant time in our waters. Maybe you want to mix it up a bit and learn some Spanish. Maybe you already know some Spanish and you just need to dust off the cob webs a little bit.  This may be the opportunity that you've been waiting for. YWAM Ships Mazatlan is one of just a few locations in the international YWAM Ships fleet that is bilingual (English & Spanish). 


You want to be a part of something new

YWAM Ships Mazatlan is just getting started, so you can join us and pioneer something new. As a ministry in YWAM we are looking for people that are willing to go to the most isolated and least reached people of the world. If you have a passion for starting new things and going to new places, we would love to have you aboard. Now is a perfect time to come and be a part of this growing ministry. 



I would encourage you visit every one of the vessels in our international YWAM Ships fleet, from the rivers of the Amazon to the coastlines of Papua New Guinea someday. However, if you're looking for an option that is close to home, easy to get to, with lots of adventure... then come and join YWAM Ships Mazatlan aboard the M/V Amazing Grace!


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