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The Key to Living a Fear-Free Life

Virginia Bardsley November 9, 2018


Have you ever craved more? Hungered for more from the “day- to- day,” longed for more of the Truth? To experience the power of God’s light in the dark? His truth in the lost? 

Living a life of abundance is frequently sought after, but for some it is often missed. In our searching, we can find fear holding us back. How am I going to afford this? What will my friends think? What if I am not hearing God correctly? Fear can be paralyzing, but for some, it can be comfortable. So how do we let go of this fear controlling us, and instead let God? It simply starts with surrender & vulnerability. To come as we are, to admit the reality of our situations, our hardships. To get down to the core and be open before the Lord. I guess what I am trying to say is, the key to fullness is through surrender.

But what does this look like?


1.Identify the lie.

Pray and ask God to show you the root of this fear. Is it from hurt in your past? Is it a lie you have accepted about who God is, or who you are? 


2. Speak it out.

Whether thats telling a mentor, or being alone in your room directly talking to God. Speak out your fear, and be specific!


3. Ask for forgiveness.

All God wants is for you to say yes to Him, to the plans He has for you, and when we listen to fear more than listening to what He is saying, we are not allowing God to be the ruler of our hearts. 


4. Replace the Lies With the Truth.

God you are a trustworthy God! You do not abandon, you are not abusive, you never withhold! Whether it’s finding scripture talking about Gods character, or asking His spirit to reveal it to you in another way, allow Him to replace your hurt with His healing. 


5. Feel God’s peace fill your heart!

When we come clean before God, when we surrender to Him, He can then fill us with His peace, His ultimate understanding! 

With this, I hope you know you are not alone. God is with you, waiting with open arms. All you have to say is yes. 

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