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10 Books to Get You Excited About Missions!

September 25, 2019

One of the best ways to fill your soul up is by reading incredible books and letting those inspire you to make every day count. Incredible people, living out their lives purely for Christ. Enjoy!

1. Is That Really You God? - Loren Cunningham

Is That Really You God? 

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2. Bruchko - Bruce Olson


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3. Imprisoned In Iran - Dan Baumann

Imprisoned In Iran

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4. The Book That Transformed Nations - Loren Cunningham

the book taht transformed nations

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5. Love Does and Everybody Always - Bob Goff

love doeseverybody always

Buy Love Does

Buy Everybody Always

6. Follow Me - David Platt

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7. He's Your God, too! - Shirley Alman

Hes your God too

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8. We Died Before We Went There - Emily Foreman

We died before we came here

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9. Tortured for Christ - Richard Wurmbrand

Tortured for Christ

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10. Crazy Love - Francis Chan

crazy love

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