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5 Benefits a YWAM DTS - Discipleship Training School

Jul 10, 2014 2:36:00 PM

Once you walk across that stage at graduation the world is at your finger tips. You no longer have to spend your day inside the four walls of a classroom. You now have the freedom to go in any direction your heart desires. You have heard a thousand times that there is a bright future ahead of you but you are still waiting for the day that plan appears on your doorstep. 

You think you know what the future looks like for you but it would be nice to take a step back and allow God to lead you. You have searched and scanned for hours in the hopes of finding something that will help give you focus, drive, and hunger to do what God has called you do to. Well stop right here, and see if a Discipleship School is for you. Here are 5 Benefits of a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) take a look at our list and see if God is calling you to take a step back and allow Him to be the Lord of your life.  



1. Identity in Christ

With all the forms of media communications in todays society we are constantly being told the way we "should be". From the food we eat, to the way we dress, to where we work and how many children we would like to have one day... the media is telling us the way it "should be". With all of the information constantly being thrown at us it is very easy to accept these suggestions as facts in our lives. We begin to compare who we are to what they say on the televsion screen. What do you think would happen if you stopped for a moment and asked the expert who you were? How about your Father in Heaven that created you and according to Luke 12:7 knows the number of hairs on your head? Why not give Him the chance to tell you who you really are? In a discipleship training school you are encouraged to seek God and who you are in Him. Come and allow God to tell you. 

2. Community 

When you begin to surround yourself with Godly people you can't help but be encouraged to continue growing with the Lord. In YWAM, you are surrounded by people that hungerly seek after God on a daily bases. You will get to know people that want to walk beside you as you go after what God has for you. They have experience in helping people find restoration, vision, and truth. You will be uplifted and encouraged to follow wherever God leads you and make life long friends in the process. 

3. Direction 

In 1 Peter 4:10-11 it talks about the many talents God has given each of His children. Many people grow up with hobbies and interests or they feel called to a certain area of soceity. What most people do not understand is that these are interests and talents from God, and many don't take the time to recognize them. He has a plan for you to use them for His Kingdom! In a Discipleship school, students are encouraged to use the abilities they have to serve God. Through the use of these gifts God is able to bring new vision for future schooling, ministries, and career opportunities. You will be able to seek God for the direction He wants to take you in a discipleship school. 

4. Foundation 

In Matthew 7, Jesus is preaching about building your house on the rock and not sand. In other words, give yourself a firm foundation based on Biblical truth and be in a solid relationship with God before moving ahead. Like it says, the house with the strong foundation can with stand the winds and the waves to come. By knowing who you are and who God is you will be more prepared for the vision God has for you in the future. 



5. See the Need 

With todays media and the constant need for breaking news we are being flooded by images of forgien places in desperate need of help. Your heart goes out to them for the 30 seconds their faces are on your television screen but are soon forgotten as new stories are presented. While you move on to the weather segment those people still have a huge hunger, not only for physical food but also the truth of the Gospel. In a discipleship school you have the opportunity to go to those places and look people in the eye as you serve them just as Jesus did. Through encounters with people from different countries and cultures your eyes will be opened to what really breaks the heart of God. You will see communities changed by the love and thruth of Christ. See the need, be the difference.  


We hope this brief list of benefits will help you decide if a YWAM DTS is for you. Through a close relationship with God true identity can be given, family like community can be created, clear direction can be formed, firm foundation can be built, and real lives can be changed through your obedience. If you know a discipleship training school is what you have been looking for please feel free to contact us at anytime.


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