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What's a YWAM DTS Outreach Like?

Jun 12, 2015 12:36:33 PM


“So what was your YWAM DTS Outreach like?”


I'm sure that if you do a DTS this will be something you're asked a million different times and in a million different ways. I know cause I've been asked the question a million different times in a million different ways.  I learned quickly to say something simple that sums up outreach in a very professional manner; but this time I'm going to tell you what outreach is like. Real, raw and I guess, the way I've always wanted to.

“Outreach does not start when the plane lands in your location.  Outreach starts when God speaks to you about the location He wants you to go. When you decide what skits you want to do.  When you practice the same song over and over until you're absolutely sick of hearing it and you don't think there is any way that this is ever going to teach anyone anything.  Then the plane lands in this country that speaks a language you don't speak, a country that you never imagined you'd ever go to. You breathe the air for the first time and you realize that this your new home for 2 months.  

You're tired, jet lagged and preparing for ministry and thoughts of why you ever signed up for this are in your head.  You arrive at your first place of ministry, and a hundred kids run toward you with smiles that light up the world around you. It's a moment that illuminates your own selfishness but most of all it fills you with an incomprehensible joy and it's then that you realize, you are exactly where you're supposed to be, doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing.  

You will go through more than you ever thought you could handle and you will learn what it really means to trust God with everything.  It will be the sweetest most loving thing that you ever feel when God comes to you and says, “I know you're tired, and I know this is hard, but I'm by your side, always.”

Just in the moment when you step away to think about how few possessions these kids have, a child who owns nothing but the clothes on his back will give you a bracelet that was wrapped together with different color yarn. You could never sell this bracelet in a store or convince a celebrity to wear it, but I promise you it will be the most precious gift you will ever receive. You will see lives changed and people healed. At the end of it all, when the two months are over in what seems like no time at all, you'll realize that you just took part in changing the world.  You will understand what treasure truly is. And who knows, maybe you will realize that this thing called “Normal life” just isn't for you."

So that's my perspective. 


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