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This is Carnaval.

Kara Hart December 16, 2014



Thousands of people crowding the streets of Mazatlán, from the ocean view of the malecón to the historic Plaza Machado near downtown. Stages, big and small, placed strategically, hosting artists of all different kinds of music, sending waves of deafening melodies through the streets. Wide-eyed tourists from all over Mexico and other parts of the world experiencing the wildness of the dancing, bars, events. The smell of carne asada tacos from the popular taco stand at 2 in the morning.

This is Carnaval.


A time when people from all over come to what is basically the biggest party in Mexico. Some come seeking a good time, others hope to escape for just a moment from the problems they are living in at home. Everyone is there to celebrate the fact that for a few days, they can do whatever they want. A time that people cover up the brokenness that invades their hearts, minds, and homes. And the perfect time to find real life and joy that isn't over when the party ends. At YWAM Mazatlan, we've experienced the security of being a part of a family, relationships that have an impact even when we're separated. We've discovered that God is so creative, and that when we get to know Him more He unlocks new ways of doing things, of living life, of relating to people, of creating new things. And that's what we have the opportunity of doing in our yearly Carnaval outreach.

Something so transformational in our own lives that we've seen in the lives of people we've met as well. How do we bring people into an encounter with the living God who has the most exciting adventure waiting for them? Into a community that has lasting impact even when friends end up on other sides of the world? It’s what has changed our lives, and we carry that conviction on our hearts. Worship. Intercession. Evangelism. YWAM DTS outreach teams, volunteers, families from all over the world, all convene in Mazatlan to touch the city for the kingdom. We reach out with invitations to come to a safe place to enjoy coffee, free beauty salon treatments, face painting for kids. And we’re not afraid of the massive chaos of Carnaval that takes over the city. 


Venturing out on the streets each night, we take the truth and life of the Gospel to the people we encounter, from the ones caught up in the craziness of the festival to those who are lost and feeling alone in the midst of the crowd. And we’ve seen God do some crazy things. He’s bigger and better, He shines brighter than the lights of the superficial celebration taking place during Carnaval. Want to be one of the brave ones as we reach out to a people dying for something real and lasting? Come join us for our Carnaval outreach! The city is waiting for you to partner with God and take a step to impact.

If you are interested in joining us please contacts us by email at info@ywammazatlan.com 


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