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A Mother's Perspective of a YWAM DTS

Dec 20, 2019 10:51:24 AM

Hi there, my name is Jane!  My son completed the September DTS of 2014 in YWAM Mazatlan, and now he's a full-time staff member at the same base. I wrote this blog to bring some comfort and insight to parents whose children are thinking of embarking on their own missions adventure by doing a DTS. Here is my perspective of DTS as a loving (and at times, nervous) mother.

Is a YWAM DTS in your son or daughter’s near future? Maybe you are familiar with what these cryptic letters stand for, or maybe you've never heard the acronym before. Either way, you probably have a lot of questions for both your child and the YWAM base they are thinking of joining.

As someone who was once standing in your shoes, I want to share some of that elusive wisdom I gained from the experience, and tell you a few things I wish someone had told me. First I’d like to throw out a disclaimer: God has an individual and unique plan for each of us, so I believe in leaving some of the details up to Him!

It Cost Me

Now don’t stop reading yet -- hang on!  Any mission experience will cost monetarily. That’s just the simple truth. But, God calls us to follow Him at any cost. He will never call them where He cannot sustain them! That’s a promise!

My Child Didn't Need Me

It's hard to come to terms with the fact that our children won't always have to rely on us. With that revelation, you might be tempted to click close and move on, but humor me a minute. If our children are being called by the Almighty God, then how can we seriously think that we can do a better job of meeting their needs than HIM? I think it’s time we admit that God is a better parent than we are!

God Stretched Me

You might wonder how God is stretching you. After all, as a parent, "I'm not the one leaving my comfort zone and journeying to another country!"  But is that really true? When your son or daughter leaves on this new adventure, part of your heart goes with them. Now who is being stretched?

My Prayer Life Improved

When you have a kid across the globe -- or even across the continent -- you naturally find yourself praying all the time. Sometimes worry sets in and you miss them terribly, but the God of all comfort is there, and we can kneel at His feet any time and anywhere!


I Was Jealous

What? Jealousy? Yes, it's true. It's hard not to feel a twinge of jealousy when you think about how your child gets to focus on spiritual growth and ministry 24/7. What a cool opportunity, and especially when the beach is 100 yards away!

People Didn't Understand Me

”Oh, how nice!”, “Isn’t that sweet!”, “You must be so proud!”, “What is he doing there?” Not many people understood what my child was doing or what I was going through emotionally. I just wanted a shoulder to cry on, but everyone acted like my son was on a vacation for a week. I wanted to shout at everyone around me, "It’s 6 months, people! I miss my boy!" 

I Had to Share My Faith

Ever tried to explain why your 18-year-old is in Mazatlan, Mexico for 6 months? Ever tried to explain what a Discipleship Training School is without including your faith or mentioning God? Not happenin’ folks. God gives us opportunities like these through our children! Take them!

The Kid That Left Didn't Come Back...

...the same, that is. Good thing, right? YES! God grew, changed, and matured my son more in 6 months than I could ever have imagined him maturing at home! Dad and Mom, just stay out of the way and let God do the work in your child's life. Just don't forget to pray, pray, pray!

My Heart Was Broken

My heart was broken, but not by sorrow -- it was broken by an amazing renewed passion for God as I was reminded of MY purpose. I was inspired by watching my son follow His Savior!

It Was One of the Best Experiences I Ever Had As a Parent

God called my son, spoke to him, comforted, protected, grew, impassioned, and matured him. What more could a parent want for their child than for him or her to be totally consumed by God and entrust their life into His hands, for His purpose?

Your experience may be different than mine, but I’m sure that God has an awesome journey ahead for you and your son or daughter! Let Him speak to your child... stop doing all the talking for Him.

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