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YWAM Stories: Norton (Video)

Sep 30, 2015 12:23:41 PM

One thing that describes YWAM is that we are international. Wherever you go visit a YWAM base you’ll see people from different countries, with different cultures and languages. Our international community is so big and diverse, and it keeps growing, and with that stories keep coming. The thing about being in YWAM is not only how many life stories can be changed, but also how much our own story changes along the way. Some people come broken and hopeless, and encounter a God that saves and makes all things new. Other people come looking for purpose, looking to make a difference in the world. Some other who come are not satisfied with where they’re at in their relationship with God and desire to know Him more. This is why our dear friend Jonathan Norton came to Mazatlan and did his DTS, and this is what he enjoys the most of being full-time staff here at YWAM Mazatlan


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