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YWAM DTS Outreach... What on Earth Does it Even Look Like?!  [Photos]

Jan 31, 2017 4:59:33 PM

1. Backpack around to far away places 



Mexico City, Mexico

2. Learn to braid womens' hair while sharing the Gospel


(Free Braids)

3. Play with kids and paint their faces



4. Share your testimony with the addicted and down-trodden



5. Drink a lot of coffee while waiting for your flight



6. Step out of your comfort zone and share God's love on the spot



7. Preach and share the gospel with churches and communities all over the world



8. Learn to sleep anywhere, anytime, any circumstance



9. Dress up as a clown and experience something you'll never forget



10. Have a little too much fun while renovating a church



11. Have a lot of conversations about Jesus with new people you meet



12. Venture into the unknown and reach the impoverished, the most isolated people



13. Change someone's life forever



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