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We’re launching 4 NEW SCHOOLS IN 2020!

Oct 18, 2019 5:41:37 PM

We’re launching 4 NEW SCHOOLS IN 2020!

Interested? Let’s take you on a journey through all 4! We're looking for willing hearts ready to take the Gospel into some of the craziest parts of the world, and God longs to use the passions He's given you to bring His Good News to the nations! Get ready for a great adventure ahead!

Oral Bible Translation School

BSN Teaching

Did you know there are over 1800 Bible-less languages in the world? People groups all over the globe, far and wide, that don’t have a bible in their mother tongue, and for many, their only language!

This sparked when we visited a village in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, and the people there did not have a bible in their native tongue, but had to learn Spanish to comprehend the bible. This school aims at ending Bible poverty, and getting a bible into every home, in every mother tongue.

You could be part of a team that would help a people group receive the Word of God in their heart language for the first time in history. You’ll travel to some of the most unreached places in the world, tasked with the incredible: translating the Truth to make it possible for someone to hear the Good News for the first time.

Length: 3 months

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School of Digital Filmmaking


This school was developed to equip others to create film that share the story of Christ and Christian values. Effectively produce short films and understand the creation, production, distribution, and process of films. You’ll work in many different areas and understand truly the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to make an incredible film that could change the nations.

This is for future filmmakers and creatives, those who seek to impact the society of film production with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

Length: 3 months

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DTS Equip


An intensive development course focused on equipping students with character, skills and Spirit for the purpose of enriching the Discipleship Training School programs worldwide. You’ll dive in deeply into the different areas of what it takes to run this ministry and how to disciple others effectively. From conflict resolution, outreach training, and leadership, this is aimed to focus on who you are as a disciple and how that will overflow into your schools.

Length: 6 weeks

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Leadership Apostolic Pioneering Seminar


This is a short and concise leadership course to help equip a leader and/or team who are planning to pioneer new YWAM Base or major ministry. It covers all foundational aspects that are needed to start and grow a new base! This will help them to formulate a clear vision for future ministry development, and provide mentoring and planning tools to execute their vision.

Length: 4 weeks

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