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Seeking God in the Waiting Time

September 13, 2019

Hearing God can be a tricky thing. You're constantly going back and forth between “were those my thoughts or was that God?” - but don’t feel alone. We’ve all been there. We are all still there at times.

The biggest encouragement I would give is - remind yourself of His faithfulness in your past. Never let go of the promises He's given you, spoken over you, the passions He's placed perfectly within you. Never stop believing there’s a God who pursues you relentlessly, no matter the season. Even when you are on the verge of giving up, hold on to that smallest hope. Why? Because what if breakthrough is just a day away? Relationship with God is pushing through those hard seasons. The ones where we think we can't finish another day of it- but maybe that's exactly where God's been all along.

Maybe He's waiting for you to dig into His strength, and let go of yours that fails you. 

I’m in that waiting time.

I’m in a season where I ask a million questions but haven’t gotten clear answers. It’s frustrating, it’s discouraging at times, and sometimes I really need to grab a hold of my faith more days than others. But, I know God loves me and would never leave me. I'm holding onto that one simple trust. I’ve learned to be patient with God because sometimes waiting is better than knowing.

I've learned to be patient, because He is ever patient with me. 


During this season of my life I’ve gotten to know myself way more than I ever did before. I’ve gotten to know God and who He is. So, that’s when I grab ahold to everything God's already done in my life and I thank Him.

I’ve learned to appreciate the waiting time.

Some may think “Well if I’m in the waiting time, that means I just need to wait till I hear from God.” No, it doesn't mean to sit on the couch and eat junk food until you hear God's voice. It means you've got to activate your spirit, to train your soul to run after God in the moments you don't want to or feel like it.

You need to get up and chase after Him. Learn more about His word, His foundations, who your Heavenly Father truly is. The waiting time allows you to truly put all your faith in God and allows you to see His goodness in your struggle.


Whoever is reading this and you’re in a season of waiting, I’m happy for you. Your breakthrough is coming. Your questions will be answered. Don’t give up. This is a time where you get to show God how much you love Him, and more so, allow His love to wash over you. Rest in His waiting. Be patient.

It will be worth it my friends.

Did this encourage you? Written by one of our students, she experienced God in new and incredible ways. Want to join her in the adventure? 

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