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How a Simple Pair of Glasses Can Change Someone's Life

As YWAM Mazatlan we believe in evangelism, training, and mercy ministries. Throughout the year YWAM Mazatlan reaches out to surrounding communities to reach people through mercy ministries. Our heart is to use mercy ministry as one way to reach others. 

YWAM DTS Survival Kit

You may be trekking through an unreached village with no electricity and preaching to the isolated. These are some things you may want to consider packing for your YWAM DTS. 


Do you believe God can provide for your YWAM DTS?

A week before our outreach finances were due I decided to pray and fast during lunch as I was still missing some money. I felt God clearly tell me to give away all the money I had in my bank account. I had a choice to say yes; to have instant or delayed obedience.

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5 Things I wish I knew before going to my YWAM DTS

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Silenced from my rights - YWAM Justice and Mercy DTS

A sports referee ensures justice in a soccer game. If the referee makes a bad call in the sports game the sound of the roar from the crowd signals they have suffered a great injustice.It’s easy to want justice in situations when it doesn’t cost us anything.The soccer game will end. Fans will get some pizza and get over it. But what happens when the injustices in the world are far greater than a bad call in a game, when the effect is more than lost points, and when the cost to make it right and fight for the injustice is more than crying out from the sports stands?

It's easy to want justice in situations when it does'nt cost us anything.

A Prayer That Can Change A Marriage | YWAM Carnaval Outreach

I saw a couple and I felt that I needed to pray for them and they said yes, and then I asked them if they were married and she said yes. I asked them to hold hands and as I said that she looked at her husband and started crying. I felt the Lord so heavy on my heart wanting me to pray for them and share and tell her that God thinks she is really special and that He has a huge plan for her.