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5 Ways to Care for Your Soul

Aug 12, 2019 5:32:17 PM

When we run with God, there are seasons where we often feel like we're busy working for Jesus, but we forget about our relationship with Him. We're focused on serving, yet we forget about the care and love for our souls. Here's some awesome tips to re-align your life with God, and constantly remember that your relationship with Him comes before all else. From the intimacy of a life with Christ, you'll be filled even more to serve and minister well.

1. Get Into a Solid Quiet Time Routine

Find out what works best for you, where you can be still with God. For many of us, it could be the early hours of the day, when it’s quietest in our homes. Or at night, after a busy day. Find something that works for YOU. Give up some of your sleep, to really feed yourself what your soul needs. You’re going to benefit tremendously from having an established routine of reading the bible, prayer, journaling, and listening for God’s voice in your everyday life. Establish the same time each day, and start a routine with God. 

Youth Studying the Bible in Mazatlan, Mexico

2. Take That Weekly Sabbath

What does it mean for you to truly rest? Without devices, projects or work to focus on. Take one day every week and seek rest with God. If a full day isn’t possible, put aside 12, 6 or 4 hours, whatever works for you. But put a focus on getting off of technology and taking time to actively rest. This could be reading a book, going on a walk or taking the time to make yourself a good dinner.

Quiet Time on the Beach with Jesus in Mazatlan Mexico YWAM Youth with a Mission

3. Exercise

We’re firm believers that when your physical health thrives, spiritually you can too. We know that not everyone loves running, but find what you love! That could be a workout, a yoga class, sports, or surfing. Find an exercise that suits you, and that you can do every week. Seeking to find a healthier physical you will give you more energy and passion to make every area of your life healthy and thriving.

4. Never Stop Being a Learner

Whether you’re still in full-time school, or those days are behind you, never stop taking moments to learn new facts, skills, and knowledge. Find things that fascinate you and take the time to seek it on a deeper level. You could find a new passion unraveling, or even just something new to talk about and share!

5. Find and Hold Onto Close Friendships

Find someone (or a few) who you can hold onto. Friends that will encourage you, and pick you up when you’re down. Ones that aren’t afraid to share the truth with you, and give you advice in hard seasons. Each week we should be taking moments to pursue relationships, new and old. We’re called to live in community, and God does so much when we step into unity with one another.

Finding Community in YWAM Youth With A Mission Mazatlan Mexico Friends together

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