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5 Things You May Not Know About YWAM Ships

Aug 28, 2015 2:26:36 PM

You've probably been seeing a lot about YWAM Ships popping up around the YWAM Mazatlan pages as of late; perhaps you have no idea what that means.  Well, wonder no more.  Here's 5 things you might not have known about Ships! 


There are 10 locations worldwide with more to come. 

With 10 locations worldwide stretching from Panama to Kona, Hawaii to Townsville, Australia as well as the 11th to come here in YWAM Mazatlan!  So yes, you can travel to then travel more. 


 There are 7 different types of outreaches available for YWAM Ships.  

Interested in the medical field? YWAM Ships has an outreach for you.  Dental? There's one of those.  Have gifts and talents in Videography and/or photography? Those too! I think the most interesting though is the OBGYN/Midwife outreach.  Healthy baby delivery is a need worldwide and especially in third world countries. YWAM Ships wants to provide that. 


You can become a part of the crew without ever stepping on the boat with the prayer crew! 

Maybe you struggle with sea sickness and the boat life just isn't for you.  You can sit safely in the comfort of your home as a part of the, "Prayer Crew".  Prayer has so much power and without it we wouldn't have much of what we do in YWAM today.  


There is media based outreach with YWAM Ships. 

There is a specific place for the people that love to be behind the camera. It's a very important place. They help bring awareness worldwide through media about the injustice and poverty that so unfortunately exists in the world today that is outside of the spotlight.  They help bring light to darkness.  


They want to see justice.  

Are you sick of seeing poverty? Or human trafficking or homesless children dying in the streets because people refuse to stand up for justice? Well YWAM Ships is and they want you to stand with them with the Justice DTS. 


So there's 5 things you might not have known? Want to join? Our first YWAM Ships DTS is this January here in YWAM Mazatlan! Click the link below and you can join in on the adventure that awaits. 

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